Planning Your Success To Be Fit

Planning your successThis is a guest post by Charlie Redants of

We want everything: a perfect body, a challenging job, a great love life, and time for recreation and entertainment. How do you manage all these wants in a twenty-four time period? You have to make choices and prioritize your needs. If you had the time you might spend two hours a day in the gym. But you do not have the time. So you need to be honest with yourself and figure out how much time you can spend each week training your body. After you have made that choice, do not feel guilty about it.

With your fitness goals it is much better to err on the side of doing a little less, but doing it consistently, than trying to do too much and quitting.

The key is to be honest with yourself and set realistic goals.

After you have set your goal, the next step is owning it. This means writing it down. Remember, a goal is not a goal unless it is written down. Then read your goals every day. It does no good to write them down if you do not read them. Read them on days when you are excited about working out; read them on days when you are not. Say them out loud, take responsibility for them.

When making goals you will find the following format useful. You should create long-term, intermediate, and short-term goals and daily tasks.
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Chili Recipes: Fortified Bean Chili

Try this great multiple-bean chili recipe! Great for slow-carb and 4HB. :)

Who else loves chili?

Over on the Facebook group, I asked for some chili recipes. Then somehow folks on Twitter started posting them. I spied a photo by @willadam and asked if he’d be willing to share the recipe. As you can see, he obliged!

Here’s the recipe Will sent me. I’m certain you’ll like it a lot!

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How He Lost An Average of 2.21 Pounds Per Week For Over 7 Months

Mr. And Mrs. Likwidtek's dramatic weight loss on slow-carb!

My wife and I attempted slow carb a few years ago. I lost 28 pounds in about 3 months and then we just stopped. I was nowhere near what my goal was but we just kept cheating and over time we stopped weighing ourselves. Eventually I was forced to take it very serious.

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How To Keep Healthy When Travelling

Stay Fit While Travelling

While you might have a meticulous diet and fitness plan at home, when you’re travelling, it’s a different story. When you’re on the road, your usual routines get thrown off and you do things you normally wouldn’t do at home where you have a regular 9 to 5 schedule and must make nutrition decisions that can impact your entire family. While taking a break from your regular schedule is essential at times, don’t do so at the expense of your health! Here are some tips that can help you maintain your health on the road.

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How to Avoid Having Loose Skin After Losing Weight

Your progress begins to show on the scale, but then your friend tells you something that makes you a bit leery of losing this weight. They tell you that people who lose weight end up with saggy skin, which you think kind of defeats the purpose of losing the weight in the first place. Lucky for you, there are ways to lose weight without ending up with loose skin.

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