The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Thanksgiving TurkeyThe turkey: the keystone of all traditional American Thanksgivings, so much so that they even make them out of soy (what don’t they make out of soy these days?).

A lot of people are afraid of messing up the turkey. You don’t have to be an expert chef to be an expert turkey handler. In this post, I’ll cover the preparation, presentation and provide some tips along the way.

Choosing Your Turkey

If you go turkey shopping, you’ll quickly see that there are many sizes to choose from. How do you know which size to get?

A good rule of thumb is to figure about a pound of turkey per person coming. Some will eat more, some will eat less. Remember, though, that it’s not like people will eat one pound of meat (some will!). You’re counting for the bones and such as well.

So if you’ve got 12 people coming, you’ll want at least a 12 pound bird. That will get you enough meat for dinner, and you’ll probably want leftovers. For 12 people, I’d get at least an 18 pound turkey to keep everyone fed and also have some leftovers.
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Why Sleep Can Make Slow-Carb Even Easier

The importance of sleep

In the battle for a better body and better all-round health, diet and exercise are rightly considered two fundamental elements on which your success is based. But there’s another hugely important aspect which is often overlooked – getting a good nights sleep. Here’s why.

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Planning Your Success To Be Fit

Planning your success

We want everything: a perfect body, a challenging job, a great love life, and time for recreation and entertainment. How do you manage all these wants in a twenty-four time period? You have to make choices and prioritize your needs. If you had the time you might spend two hours a day in the gym. But you do not have the time. So what do you do?

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Chili Recipes: Fortified Bean Chili

Try this great multiple-bean chili recipe! Great for slow-carb and 4HB. :)

Who else loves chili?

Over on the Facebook group, I asked for some chili recipes. Then somehow folks on Twitter started posting them. I spied a photo by @willadam and asked if he’d be willing to share the recipe. As you can see, he obliged!

Here’s the recipe Will sent me. I’m certain you’ll like it a lot!

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How He Lost An Average of 2.21 Pounds Per Week For Over 7 Months

Mr. And Mrs. Likwidtek's dramatic weight loss on slow-carb!

My wife and I attempted slow carb a few years ago. I lost 28 pounds in about 3 months and then we just stopped. I was nowhere near what my goal was but we just kept cheating and over time we stopped weighing ourselves. Eventually I was forced to take it very serious.

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