Who I Really Am

What I like to say is that I’m a strong, healthy father. What I feel I am, though, is someone who can’t stick to a plan long enough to make a difference. I feel like a failure, sometimes I feel like an addict. I feel like a disappointment to my family.

I’m terrified that my kids will grow up struggling with their weight. I think it makes me scared because I haven’t yet figured out how to stop struggling with mine, so I don’t feel I can show them the right way. I don’t want that life for them. I want it to be better, and I’m afraid I can’t give them better.

Here’s what I know, though. Here are the facts. My wife loves me unconditionally. Sometimes she doesn’t like my decisions, but she loves me for me, and she tells me I’m handsome all the time. My daughter loves me unconditionally. She thinks I’m the best daddy. She’s my best girl. My son lights up when I talk to him.

I mean the world to my family.

My family
I do try my hardest, most of the time, to do things right. When I’m not trying my hardest is usually when I’m just fatigued, so maybe even then I’m still trying my hardest.

I know everything I need to know in order to become the strong, healthy example I want for my kids. The fact is most of the time, I show them that example even if I feel like I don’t.

I’m no longer going to say I can’t stick to something. I’m no longer going to call myself a disappointment. Some of the things I do may be disappointing, but that’s not my character, only an action I may take.

My character is a man who works hard, loves his family, and does everything he can to make their lives better. Sometimes it’s easier to do than other times, but that is who I am.

So what about you? Take a few minutes to reflect on some of the ways in which you speak to yourself, and then take some time to figure out the facts about reality and see how that changes your perspective. If you’re free to, please share in the comments or in our Facebook group!

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