Courgette Pappardelle – Zucchini Noodles In a Garlic Almond Sauce

Zucchini noodles in a garlic almond sauce
Today’s post comes to us from the UK!

Some of you may have stumbled across Ash from

She is doing things different in this space. Not only does she post tasty recipes, she has a video to go along with each one! That’s something I’ve wanted to do but have always made excuses.

Plus, me being from the US, her accent is fantastic! :)

Here’s her take on pappardelle noodles using zucchini (which are apparently called courgette in the UK), done in a garlic sauce.

After the video I’ll have some links to things she’s mentioned in the video as well as some links to catch up with Ash around the web.
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101 Slow-Carb Resources To Maximize Your Success


This is simply a list of 101 resources to help you kill it on the slow-carb diet.

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How To Motivate Yourself To Workout

photo by Lisa Picard

You get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say ”I really need to be fit by the time I walk down the aisle for my wedding. I have to work out!” But then again, you do so many things in an entire day that you end up forgetting about sweating it out at the gym. Then you tell yourself that it’s okay. You don’t have enough time to squeeze in exercise anyway.

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Can Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

Can coffee help you lose weight?

Did you know that perhaps one of your favourite drinks could actually help you with weight loss? There seems to be thousands of products available on the market today to help you lose weight. We all know that exercising regularly and eating well are pretty essential for weight loss but what most of us don’t know is that coffee can also help you on your weight loss journey.

Want to know how coffee can actually help you lose weight?

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Quite Possibly The Nerdiest (And Most Fun) Way To Track Your Goals

old habits die hard

We look at a pair of jeans or a picture of when we were younger and thinner and think things like “if only I wasn’t fat, I’d be happier.” So we hang onto that emotion and try to get motivated by it. It works for a little while, but then cravings kick in and this vision we have for ourselves that’s far out in the distance isn’t enough to keep our hands out of the jar.

Unhealthy feelings about body image and food notwithstanding, the thing missing from it all is incentive.

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