I Might Have To Quit Blogging (And You Can Get Free Stuff)

They say one of the best ways to make sure you’re reaching your goals is to keep yourself accountable to someone for those goals. Well, I did that with my wife and it could bite me in the butt.

It’s probably no secret to you that I’ve been stalling again. At least I think I am. I make small progress, but it’s not the consistency that I want. In February we made a deal. If I didn’t lose 40 lbs by June, I had to stop “playing with the blog” until I did.

Finding the Zen of Fitness: Download a Sample Chapter

Isn’t it frustrating to have to struggle with becoming healthy? It often drives you crazy. It’s nice to be reminded to just take a second to breathe. I’ve put together a resource that is designed to help with just that!

A Slow December, But For A Good Reason

You’ve no doubt noticed a slow-down in posts lately, and the rest of the month is going to be no different, but there’s a reason for it.

Save 50-80% – Pre-Order ‘The 4 Hour Chef’ Today!

Tim Ferriss, Amazon, and the crew opened up pre-orders for his new book. At the moment, Amazon says the book will come out in September, although the date I had heard previously was April. I’m hoping for closer to April.

You can pre-order The 4-Hour Chef for 50-80% off At Amazon.

New Directions

Finding My Fitness is changing directions, but it’s actually only very slightly.

I’ve been listening to Robb Wolf’s podcast a lot lately, mostly because Tim Ferriss doesn’t have a fitness and nutrition podcast. When you start hearing some of the anecdotes and “pseudo-science”, as he calls it (very tongue-in-cheek), you have to admit it’s very compelling. He’s got me all but convinced that food really is the miracle drug that we all look for, and that grains are legit enemies of our bodies.

So as of September 1, my wife and I will be …