21 Spectacular Slow-Carb Soup Recipes

Enjoy these 21 Slow-Carb Soup Recipes, perfect for your journey on the 4 Hour Body diet!

Book Review: Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals

How would you like to have so many meal ideas that no one – not even you – can call your diet restrictive or boring?

I’m going to prove to you that it’s not boring. In fact, I’m going to tell you about some of the most amazing and interesting dishes I’ve seen. And I’m going to give you a chance to get this recipe book I’m about to talk about for free!

The Perfect Minimalist Kitchen: How To Have A Professional Quality Kitchen On An Amateur Budget

In the wake of The 4 Hour Chef, I’ve decided to share the tools that make up my own kitchen. I have what you could call a Pareto kitchen. Here are my recommendations for the perfect minimalist kitchen.

Stay Motivated Through The Holidays With These Awesome Recipes

You can crush it these holidays with these great recipes!
– 7 pages on preparing the perfect poultry!
– 7 scrumptious sides!
– 6 decadent desserts!
– 3 delicious drinks!
All of the recipes are completely Paleo compliant, and many of them are totally Slow-Carb Friendly!

The Diet Created Before Time

Every once in a while you come across some simple wisdom that just makes you smile and realize that you really can change your life with whole folds.
I generally hate email forwards. I’ve all but blocked family members who failed to learn that. This was the first forward I’ve read in years. I’ll just let it speak for itself.