Confessions Of A Serial Dieter

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any of my updates in a while. I decided today it was time to get real and actually post something personal.

I’ve been posting a lot of stuff, but every time I have hit “publish” since missing my first week of fitness updates, I have felt guilty. I’ve felt like I’ve been putting on a show for everyone, and I need to come clean.

I’m one of the kinds of people who knows *how* to do something but sometimes lacks the fortitude to *do* that thing. After toying with weight loss for so many years, you start to pick up some stuff. But head knowledge never did anything to get rid of my belly. I’ve started falling into that rut again with this one. Sure, it took several months, but I’ve reached the point with this that I always had before. This post, however, is my first attempt at getting out of the funk.

I should lead by example…

I decided to split *my* goals from the post about making them. Here it is today: my “New Year’s Decisions 2011” list. I have decided to lose 80 lbs Why 80? I have always said I wanted to get to 220 and then reevaluate from there. I have never gotten to 220 (I did get […]

Resolutions Don’t Work

Of your last new year’s resolutions, how many did you actually accomplish? If you’re like most people, probably not many, if any at all (a statistic I saw said that 92% of resolutions are ignored, almost half by February). Realizing that you didn’t even complete one can be depressing. This year don’t be depressed because of past “failures”.