How To Motivate Yourself To Workout

photo by Lisa Picard

You get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say ”I really need to be fit by the time I walk down the aisle for my wedding. I have to work out!” But then again, you do so many things in an entire day that you end up forgetting about sweating it out at the gym. Then you tell yourself that it’s okay. You don’t have enough time to squeeze in exercise anyway.

The Hunger Breakthrough You’ve Been Waiting For

This might be the shortest post I have here, but it’s very profound to me right now. It speaks to my biggest struggle, and I’ll bet it’s one of yours as well.

On hunger pangs during the day…

How Tim Ferriss Raised $32,000 And Then I Lost 14 Pounds and Won $80

Wouldn’t it be awesome for one of the most famous (infamous?) authors of our day to raise thousands of dollars in order to encourage you to lose weight?

He did, and I did. 14 pounds, actually. Maybe you did too, but if you didn’t, you missed out (but more on fixing that later). I won $80 on it! Read more to find out how I did it and how you can too (except for maybe the $80)!

Over 40 Awesome Weight Loss Tips From Leo Babauta

Over 40 Weight Loss Tips

Take a look at this collection of over 40 great weight loss tips. Everything from exercise to diet to motivation. You’ll find several gold nuggets in this list!

Never Lack Motivation With This New (Free) Tool

Never lack motivation! It'll carry you through

Motivation: sometimes the one thing you need is the hardest thing to get. You know how it is. It’s obvious you need to eat differently or move around more, but you can’t find the motivation to do it with enough consistency to make a difference. More often than not, though, you just keep making empty promises to start over. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get win things for doing healthy stuff? Well, you can!