22 Fantastic Gifts for Fitness Finders

Christmas Shop

Holy crap, Christmas is around the corner! How did this happen?! I haven’t started any of my shopping yet!

If you’re in the same boat as me, you’re in luck. I’ve put together a list of 22 of the most useful gifts for anyone you know who is interested in improving their health. Help your loved ones get their fitness on this Christmas!

Here’s a list of books, equipment, even some food that any 4HBer would love to see under their tree or in their stocking!

4HB Results: March Challenge Week 3

You may have noticed I didn’t post my results on Tuesday like usual. I did that on purpose. I noticed that on Tuesdays I still have had a bit of the weekend bloat. By Thursdays that usually tapered off. I think Thursdays more accurately reflect the progress I’ve been tracking.

I think I’m falling into the same patterns as before. What used to take me 2 weeks has lasted almost 3 months, though. I’m happy about that. However, I need to just be honest out here: finding my fitness is hard work.

4HB Results: Did PAGG Work?

This was my first week on PAGG. I’ll get into the answer later, but the short one is “I’m pretty sure it did.” I’ve decided to start rather than end today’s post with my weekly results because I want to explain them after you see them.

What is the PAGG Stack?

If you’ve read anything about, you’ve probably heard of the PAGG stack.

If you haven’t heard of 4HB, you probably have no flippin’ clue what it is.

This post is my way of bringing us all together (*queue some cheesy song about friendship and unity*).

Read My Interview!

Pareto Nutrition, suppliers of the PAGG stack for 4 Hour Body, asked me five questions. Here’s a link to my interview.