Monthly Fitness Report for November 2011

It wasn’t the best month, and it wasn’t the worst. I have to admit something to you. When I publish a post here that is all motivating and has tips and tricks to avoid certain situations, it’s usually because I just passed through a situation and took some time to think about how I can get over it next time. My posts are almost always for me, and I just post them in case you need to read something like that as well. The reason I’m saying that is because even though I posted about having a great holiday season in terms of fat loss, mine has been mediocre at best. As much as I want to avoid the sweets of the season, I’m finding it pretty hard.

Monthly Fitness Report for October 2011

11-4-2011, 282lbs

Welcome to my first monthly Fitness Report!
I got the idea for this from Patt Flynn, who posts his monthly income reports regularly. He’s extremely open about how much he makes and spends and how and what on. I thought that being that open about my fitness here might be just what “the doctor” ordered.
Every month I’m going to write a report about my fitness-related activities from the previous month. I may not be tracking calories and exact workouts (sometimes I will), but I will start posting monthly measurements and photos.

How Whole30 Changed Our Lives


This weekend my wife and I finished our 30 days of strict Paleo. It’s true that we’re different than we were a month ago.

Not all of the changes are visible, but they’re mostly noticeable. Weight has changed, attitudes have changed, and – surprisingly – relationships with food have changed.

So What’s It Like On Whole30?

At the beginning of September, my wife and I started Whole 30. We did it primarily so we could see if diet would help all sorts of issues, like I was beginning to believe.

After two solid weeks, I have indeed noticed some changes.

4HB Results: Proof That Slow-Carb Can Change Your Life

4HB proof is in the numbers

Do you know what your numbers are? Things like cholesterol, bodyfat, blood pressure, and resting blood sugar?

If you’re like me, you’ve been measuring your weight and keeping track of your inches. Maybe some of you have even gotten a bodpod or dexa scan.

We had a screening at work the other day. I signed up for it specifically because I thought they were going to measure bodyfat with a bio impedance monitor, and I needed to have my cholesterol taken.

I just a have one thing to say: