Taming The Monster: Useful Ways To Figure Out Your Food Cravings

Useful Ways To Figure Out Your Food Cravings

Losing weight and getting healthy would be really easy if it wasn’t for those stupid cravings. Am I right?

We know sugar is addictive. We know grains hurt our guts. We know we’d be much healthier if we avoided fast food. We know a lot of stuff.

But those ridiculous, irrational, completely infantile cravings scream and yell and wear you down until they get what they want.

Why will this time be different?

It looks scary, but it's possible!

You’ve done this many times before. Why will this time be different?

I’m not the only person to have asked myself that question. You’ve probably done it yourself. The reason that question hurts so much is that up until now, none of the times have been any different. Asking it to yourself again is essentially the same thing as reminding yourself of all the times you’ve tried before and failed. If enough failures come, you start to wonder if it’s even worth it.

The Missing Piece To Your Weight Loss Puzzle

The Missing Piece To Your Weight Loss Puzzle

It’s 2013, right at the beginning, and you know you have some changes to make (if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here).

To be quite honest, so do I. I have not made the progress I’d hoped for since starting this blog. But this year is going to be different. For both of us.

The secret to success this year isn’t a magic pill or drink. It’s not a specific diet program, fad or otherwise. The secret isn’t even in the specifics of your weight loss program. Where is it then?

May Challenge Is Over: Did You Win?

Just a quick post today. I’m working on a bigger one, which will be my last one for a while, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Reminder: If you participated in the May challenge, you’ve got until Tuesday to post your results to the forum. If you can’t remember how to get there, please send me a quick email and I’ll help you out. Next Wednesday (the 6th) I’ll announce the winner!

6 Fun Fitness Lessons From Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin with the Knicks and reporters

What can the first Asian-American, Harvard graduate, NBA player, and instant sports sensation teach us about becoming fit?

Before Jeremy Lin came on the scene as an NBA starter, the Knicks were 8-15. He’s helped them very quickly get to .500. Since he came off the bench, they’re 8 and 2 (at least as of this post)! His 136 points in his first five NBA starts are the most by any player in league history! This kid’s rocking, and everyone’s talking about him.

I like his story, and I think he’s got a few important things to share with those of us struggling to become fit.