How To Keep Healthy When Travelling

While you might have a meticulous diet and fitness plan at home, when you’re travelling, it’s a different story. When you’re on the road, your usual routines get thrown off and you do things you normally wouldn’t do at home where you have a regular 9 to 5 schedule and must make nutrition decisions that can impact your entire family. While taking a break from your regular schedule is essential at times, don’t do so at the expense of your health! Here are some tips that can help you maintain your health on the road.

How to Avoid Having Loose Skin After Losing Weight

Your progress begins to show on the scale, but then your friend tells you something that makes you a bit leery of losing this weight. They tell you that people who lose weight end up with saggy skin, which you think kind of defeats the purpose of losing the weight in the first place. Lucky for you, there are ways to lose weight without ending up with loose skin.

20 Slow-Carb Meal Ideas (Photos)

One of the most difficult challenges folks seem to run into while working out their slow-carb diet is coming up with things to eat. It seems that the things people go to always is eggs, spinach, and lentils for breakfast and some ground beef, beans, and broccoli for lunch and dinner.

But if more is what you’re after, but you’re still having trouble coming up with ideas, here are some photos of actual slow-carb meals I’ve prepared (or my wife has prepared) to give you inspiration.

4 Super Fun Classes To Keep You Fit This Winter

Winter is typically the season for packing on pounds. After all, the holidays are a time for eating, and beach season is long gone. But you don’t have to let your physical fitness fall by the wayside. You can stay in shape and have fun at the same time, simply by finding a challenging and exciting fitness class to get you through to the spring. Here are just a few great examples to consider:

How To Lose 4% Of Your Weight And Get Paid $127

Yes, you can lose 4% of your body weight, and statistically win $127.

The 4-Hour Body DietBet is well under way, and while I started it almost a week late, I’m feeling good about it.

For those participating, here are some tips to help make the most of it. If you’d still like to participate, you can sign up for that it here…