Slow-Carb Diet Tips: Make Shopping Easier

Photo of The Home Market from 1947

Even though there are only 5 “rules”, it doesn’t seem enough to get someone ready to start the slow-carb diet.

I get it; I like to have a full plan too. So over the next few weeks I’m going to put together a series of posts that are designed to get you going immediately on yours.

In this first post, I want to share with you how to shop for groceries more efficiently and less temptationally.

5 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Running

Hitting the pavement for a jog

There are those that fear running in that first big race or marathon. Others fear unfamiliar distances and terrain. Some may even feel self conscious as they run, concerned with how others are viewing them. Then there are those that doubt their abilities and whether or not they’ll be able to finish what they’ve started. Just how can you overcome your fear of running?

The Cold Shower Technique Has Nothing On This


This is a guest post from Dan Millington. He’s been taking cold showers to the next level. Any of you bold enough to try? My friend and I both swam in an outdoor pool throughout the summer. Mainly because there were less people, the pool was 50m long and as such better for open water […]

The Ultimate Quickstart Guide For The Slow-Carb Diet

The Ultimate Quickstart Guide For The Slow-Carb Diet

Just getting started with The 4 Hour Body or the Slow-Carb diet? This is the only post you’ll need to read to get started immediately and with confidence. Bookmark it and come back to it as often as you need!

Taming The Monster: Useful Ways To Figure Out Your Food Cravings

Useful Ways To Figure Out Your Food Cravings

Losing weight and getting healthy would be really easy if it wasn’t for those stupid cravings. Am I right?

We know sugar is addictive. We know grains hurt our guts. We know we’d be much healthier if we avoided fast food. We know a lot of stuff.

But those ridiculous, irrational, completely infantile cravings scream and yell and wear you down until they get what they want.