Cauliflower Salad & AltShift Book Review

or Why Your Cheat Day Is No Longer Your Best Friend Have you ever taken your cheat day while on 4 Hour Body, and then afterwards you wish you hadn’t gone so crazy? Do you get a little depressed about the jump in the scale afterwards, and then feel like you’re losing ground but you […]

Chili Recipes: Fortified Bean Chili

Who else loves chili?

Over on the Facebook group, I asked for some chili recipes. Then somehow folks on Twitter started posting them. I spied a photo by @willadam and asked if he’d be willing to share the recipe. As you can see, he obliged!

Here’s the recipe Will sent me. I’m certain you’ll like it a lot!

Portobello Mushrooms w/ Lemon Pepper Chicken, Beans, Spinach & Peppers

Check out this great recipe incorporating delicious slow-carb foods like portobello mushrooms, chicken, spinach, and beans.

My Favorite Slow-Carb Pizza Recipe

Pizza is one thing I was sad to give up, but then I decided to try to make one out of slow-carb ingredients. It actually came out really good!

More Than 15 Fantastic 4HB Meal Ideas

You’ve found The 4 Hour Body and you’re in. You’ve found a few blogs that have great 4HB info. You’ve even gotten some pretty good ideas for food.

But you want more.

We all want more ideas. We know it’s true that we generally do the same things over and over again, but we want options anyway. We buy all kinds of cookbooks and go to recipe sites to find the wealth of culinary possibilities. We’re so happy when we find the one recipe we love more than any other.

But sometimes the choices are overwhelming!