Slow-carb Recipes: Asian-Inspired Cole Slaw

ast Saturday our church had a fishing trip, and as is customary we did a fish fry on Sunday afternoon.

Seeing as how my wife and I are (pretty well, actually) following Whole30 this month, we knew we could not participate in said fry.

This recipe was our response to that.

Turkey Meatball Curry and Daal

Lisa challenged me to make ground turkey taste good. I may be biased, because I like it already, but I think I delivered with this one.

And sure, my presentation needs work, but you should have smelled the house while I was cooking. It was amazing. I still smell it this morning! (Although that’s what happens when you cook with Indian spices).

In today’s meal, I made ground turkey meatballs in a curry sauce. Red lentils (turned green by the curry) on the side with roasted mustard greens round out the plate. It’s a bit spicy, but it’s the kind of heat that passes when you’re done eating. It really turned out well.

Mystery Meal 1: Feijoada, Greens, and Eggs

Food is often connected to memories or emotions, and this meal is no different. In 2007 I went to Parana, Brazil with some friends on the trip that changed my life forever.

I got the chance to spend two weeks with about 30 orphans. I learned their stories, developed friendships (some that I still have today), and watched my love for church missions develop. It probably was what started the changes in my life that will hopefully find my wife and I owning a foster home in some other country.

A meal like this is sort of comfort food, in a way. This was our typical meal while in Brazil. Meat was expensive, so we only had that on Sundays. The only thing this is missing from what I ate on that trip is a bunch of rice and bread. Making this brought back very fond memories.

Rosemary & Spinach Chicken

You can only cook chicken so many ways!

After a while I started to get tired of just a chicken breast with some beans and broccoli, so I’ve been thinking of different ways to prepare America’s favorite meat.

This recipe is so simple, and I think it’s flavor comes from its simplicity. Fresh herbs, a little white whine vinegar, and leafy greens make this both an attractive and tasty dish.

The Slow-Carb Diet Food List

Is this allowed on 4HB?

That’s one of the most famous questions you’ll hear if you do any digging for info about the 4 Hour Body and slow carb diets.

It might even be one of the biggest questions you have.

Because food is somewhat a passion of mine, I understand that people don’t want to just stick to the few that everyone talks about. I can’t say that this article will be exhaustive, but I will definitely be updating it as I find more. Read on to find the as-extensive-as-I-have-seen-so-far food list for the slow-carb diet.