5 Tips For How To Quit A Sugar Addiction

5 Tips to Quit Your Sugar Addiction

Sugar cravings can be extremely hard to resist. So here are some tips to get your through those first tough couple of weeks. Remember however that it’s just those first couple of weeks where the cravings are strongest. As you start to feel better and better it will become easier to avoid sugar and make healthier food choices.

101 Slow-Carb Resources To Maximize Your Success


This is simply a list of 101 resources to help you kill it on the slow-carb diet.

How He Lost An Average of 2.21 Pounds Per Week For Over 7 Months

Mr. And Mrs. Likwidtek's dramatic weight loss on slow-carb!

My wife and I attempted slow carb a few years ago. I lost 28 pounds in about 3 months and then we just stopped. I was nowhere near what my goal was but we just kept cheating and over time we stopped weighing ourselves. Eventually I was forced to take it very serious.

Ultimate Fat-Burning Christmas Gift-Giving Guide

Ultimate Fat-Burning Christmas Gift-Giving Guide

There’s a good chance – a very good chance – that you has made some drastic improvements to their health this past year. That’s awesome! Wouldn’t it be great to give the gift of better health to folks you love?

Well, there sort of is a way. I’ve put together a list of resources that would be great gifts for your friends and family who are interested in bettering their health and fitness. Maybe you’ll even want to give yourself one this year for being so good! :)

Why will this time be different?

It looks scary, but it's possible!

You’ve done this many times before. Why will this time be different?

I’m not the only person to have asked myself that question. You’ve probably done it yourself. The reason that question hurts so much is that up until now, none of the times have been any different. Asking it to yourself again is essentially the same thing as reminding yourself of all the times you’ve tried before and failed. If enough failures come, you start to wonder if it’s even worth it.