The Best Keto Fat Bomb Powder I’ve Come Across

Naked Keto fat bomb powder with Coffee cup
“Keto” is a huge buzzword these days. Several years ago most of what you’d hear was 4 hour body or Paleo. The ketogenic diet was there, it just wasn’t “mainstreamed” like it is today.

Nowadays, you can hardly do anything health related without hearing the word “keto”, and usually what you hear next is “fat bomb”. Turns out there’s a good reason: when you get rid of carbohydrates and get your energy from fats, your body responds well.

So it’s not hard to imagine that a lot of companies are jumping on this keto bandwagon. The problem is the same as with any buzz – you get people jumping in promising all kinds of benefits, but eventually you start getting products that are technically “keto” but reject the spirit of keto (see “keto desserts” made with lots of fake sweeteners).

When a product comes along that really strips things down and also tastes good, it’s worth noting. Naked Nutrition has a really stellar keto powder, but more on that in a moment.

What is the keto diet?

Just a quick primer for folks who don’t know or have heard the word and aren’t super sure what it is.

The ketogenic diet is a super low carb, high fat diet designed to give your body energy without the sugar. When our bodies can’t be fueled by sugar, we eventually enter a state called ketosis. The body will produce ketones from fat and burn them for energy instead of sugar (and we all know how hard it is to quit sugar).

In particular, really overweight people will burn body fat very efficiently while in ketosis. After all, that’s why we store excess energy as fat. So that when there isn’t sugar to burn, we have something stored up that we can use. Sugar is like kindling – it gets you a big flame, but it burns out very quickly. We want the slow burn of fat to keep energy levels sustained and blood sugar low.

High insulin turns on fat storage, low insulin lets fat get burned (more info here).

Bottom line: a keto diet keeps your insulin low so that you can burn fat more efficiently.

So why do I need a keto fat bomb powder?

Keto fat bomb and coffee cup from aboveThe truth is, you don’t. None of us need supplements to follow a particular eating plan.

It’s just that some of us are really busy and could use some help. Keto fat bombs are very popular as quick, simple ways to get some fat calories, though most of the time they’re something you eat, rather than something you drink.

If you’re like me, you’re usually on the go in the morning in particular. I love my daily cuppa coffee, and to help me get over the breakfast hump, I will sometimes do a fatty coffee (some people might use the term “bulletproof”, but Dave Asprey won’t like that if it’s not his brand of coffee).

But maybe you don’t like blending coconut oil and butter into your coffee. That’s where this particular powder comes in.

All the good, none of the bad

I’ve tried a few different “keto” powders, and the main beef I have with all of them has been the sweetener. It’s easy enough to add a small bit of cocoa powder to get the chocolate flavor (more than half of the carbs a good cocoa powder is fiber), or some vanilla extract, or even a vanilla bean. You can also get powdered MCT or Coconut oil.

Or you can get something that handles the flavor (or not) in one scoop. That’s what my new favorite keto powder does.

I’ll just break down what I like about it:

Very few ingredients
Their non-flavored powder has only 2 ingredients. The flavored ones add flavoring, a bit of sweetener (Stevia and monk fruit), and salt.

Not too sweet
The thing I really disliked about other brands was how sweet they were, and then how bitter that sweetness was at the end. When you use too much of any non-sugar sweetener, you get that bad taste. Even stevia, which I prefer over all of them, can leave that bad taste. This one doesn’t do that for me.

Speaking of their stevia – it looks like they use ground stevia leaf rather than stevia extract. That’s much preferred to an extract powder or liquid. Maybe that’s why it’s not as bitter.

Not too expensive
You’re not going to get a Starbucks latte here, but at about $1.30 per cup (or less if you don’t use two full scoops, like me), it’s a good deal. I bet if you added some cream you could get pretty close to what you’ve been paying $5+ for.

It’s actually Keto friendly
There is fat, fiber, and not much else in here. You’ve got 27g fat and 1g net carbs. The ingredients they’ve chosen to use are quality. It’s not trying to make you think you’re drinking a rich, sugary latte, but the flavored versions have enough to get you past a craving if you have one. And as long as you’re actually following a keto diet and aren’t *also* eating carbs elsewhere in your diet, you’re going to be OK.

It’s definitely like a keto fat bomb you can drink, so don’t go using it for a snack if you’re not actually following Keto. If you want a chocolately snack and you’re not keto, you’re better off eating a Reeces cup.

Really frothy fat bomb powder in my coffeeGoes super well with coffee
I don’t know how they had planned that their customers would drink this, what the normal “use case” would be. While you could totally drink it in water, I *highly* recommend using this in coffee. In particular, you can use the flavored versions instead of creamer. You can see how frothy it gets when I mix it with my frother, and how tan it looks. And there isn’t any milk products at all. This is a cup of coffee with 1 1/2 scoops of the chocolate. Tastes really good!

Too long; didn’t read

Ok, so just in case you’re skimming, here are the highlights to summarize.

  • You don’t need to include a powder if you want to follow a keto diet, but it could make breakfast or lunch on the go easier
  • Lots of powders just don’t do a good job at being good for you, but this one does
  • In particular, I love using it in my morning coffee as a “creamer” when I don’t expect to otherwise eat a breakfast
  • This brand has a simple MCT oil powder, chocolate variety, and vanilla variety.

Enjoy, and let me know how you like it!

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