3-Minute Slow Carb Lunch

This was originally posted on The Slow Carb Foodie. The content has been slightly modified from its original and appears here with permission. The author is Laura D.

This is the furthest thing from gourmet, but it’s a very quick lunch that I’ll make when I don’t have much time.

Start-to-finish, I can prep and heat this in under 3 minutes.  Or, I can spend about 10 minutes on a Sunday prepping  for a whole week of work lunches.

Broccoli with Tuna and White Beans

Broccoli with Tuna and White Beans


  • 1 cup Broccoli florets
  • 1 can tuna packed in water or olive oil
  • ¼ can of white beans
  • Salt/Pepper/Seasoning Blend


  1. Put broccoli, tuna and beans into a microwave safe bowl or pyrex tupperware.
  2. Heat in microwave 45 seconds. (times may vary depending on your microwave)
  3. Sprinkle seasoning blend over meal to taste.

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  1. Lunch is an issue for me when trying to follow a slow carb diet. Because of what i do for work and some of the locations where I have to go for work, there is no way I know of to do up a filling lunch without using bread and cheese for sandwhiches or a microwave, which I rarely have access to. Do you have any suggestions or ideas?

    Also, I’m not exactly known for my ability in the kitchen but I can’t wait to try some of your recipies and thank you so much for any help you could give 🙂

    • Hi Cody. I understand your dilemma. By boyfriend has the same issue as he’s in the car most of the day and doesn’t normally have access to a microwave. I’d recommend eating something like chilli for lunch. You can make a big pot at the beginning of the week and then just eat a serving each day. I find it keeps me full much longer than bread/sandwich anyway and still tastes pretty good cold.

      If you’re not a fan of chilli, you can always make larger portions of your dinner and pack some up for leftovers. If you don’t like having leftovers cold, you can make a filling salad by adding lots of protein (great options for this are: chicken, steak, canned tuna, boiled eggs, chickpeas or beans.) I tend to do a lot of “prep” on Sunday because I don’t have time during the week, so I will often roast two chickens or a very large steak at the beginning of the week and chop it up into bite sized chunks in containers in the fridge. I do the same with veggies. Before you go to bed or before heading off in the morning, you can just mix-and-match all the things you’ve chopped up into some sort of tupperware container. Because everything is already prepped, it takes just a few minutes. I also premix some sort of approved dressing in an empty glass jar and then add it to my salad just before eating. If you use an oil based dressing (say olive oil and balsamic vinegar), the oil should really satiate you. Avocados also make a salad much more filling. Compared to some sort of bread or sandwich, you’d be really surprised how full this will keep you. If you are still hungry, you aren’t getting enough fat and protein in.

      Also, if you need to keep things cold because you’re driving around all day, it may be worth investing in some sort of insulated lunchbox or carry case. There’s also the Chipotle Burrito Bowl option (and I believe Baja Fresh has a similar menu item.) Good luck!

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