3 Ways To Skin A Cat

One of the most motivating ways to get a kick in the pants is to see how others are doing in their quests for fitness.

There are a few other guys that are generally in my boat. When I started I was 310 and inactive. I was glad to find I wasn’t the only one.

Mike and Mick are two guys I’ve “met” as a result of their 4 hour body blogs. You may know them from Lose a Skinny Chick and Spare Tire Project respectively.

Mike started at 316 in January 2011, Mick was a solid 305 in March 2011, and I was 310 in December 2010. I know from reading their blogs that we all do things a little differently, so I found it interesting to compare results.

If you don’t want to read the intros, you can skip ahead to the interviews:
Mick Montgomery
Mike Stenger
Jason Jacobs

Meet the guys

Mick Montgomery

mick montgomeryAuthor of The Spare Tire Project and co-host of the Cheat Day Podcast. I have been over-weight for most of my adult life, but obese for probably the last five years. I finally came to a point where I had had enough, and that is when I found the Four Hour Body. It provided me an easy program with complete control. I am currently in my 18th week on the program, and I have lost 24lbs and over 22 total inches from my body.

I am currently training to run the Spartan Sprint in November and the Tough Mudder in May of 2012. I work in Hollywood and I have a wife and a son. I also co-host three other podcasts besides Cheat Day: Shift the Focus (parenting), The Starting Zone (World of Warcraft) and my own personal podcast the Montgomery Manifesto. For other information me outside of Four Hour Body head on over to www.montgomerymanifesto.com for more information!

Here’s Mick’s article.

Mike Stenger

mike stengerMike is a social media specialist, and if you don’t follow him on Twitter yet, you can start.

These days, in addition to his social media blog, you can find Mike posting his entire experience on the slow-carb diet on Lose A Skinny Chick.

Here’s Mike’s article.

Jason Jacobs

jason jacobsHopefully you know me by now. If not, I really need to update my about page!

I started the slow-carb diet in December and did really well for a few months. I still generally follow the slow-carb principles but had been struggling with compliance and a plateau for a while. I’m on my way back down again, so things are starting to look up.

Here’s my article.

Why the case study?

The initial idea I had for the case study was to look at three guys who started in the same place but do things differently. I know Mike is a very strict observer of the foods, especially the “eat the same thing over and over” method; I don’t know much about Mick’s food, but I know he works out like a champ.

While I was looking for different kinds of motivation, I thought it would benefit me to see what these guys were doing specifically and see if I could pull something out for myself.

The details of the study will come over the next few days. I hope you enjoy it and can gather some useful information for yourself.


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