30 Days To Your Fitness Successes

30 Days To Your Fitness Success
Last week I offered you, for free, a guide that will help you maximize your fitness results in 30 days. (FYI, that offer is still open until Friday – go check it out!)

I asked Robb Wolf’s team for that guide because I wanted to get you involved in a fitness challenge I’m putting together because my wife will make me stop blogging until I meet my goals unless I do it by June 1.

There are even prizes for winning participants! But I’ll get to that later.

Why should you participate?

This is my first attempt at building a community around the idea of Finding Your Fitness. It’s not unknown that people who have a support group are much more likely to actually realize their fitness goals than people who go at it alone.

The blog needs to be about much more than me, otherwise I’m here for nothing. I want to help you meet your fitness goals just as much as I want to meet mine. So I’ve put some things together to help us both.

When you accept this challenge

  • you have like-minded friends who will be there when you need some encouragement or advice
  • you have accountability to the people who are in the challenge with you
  • you’ll be part of the first group of FMF readers who have banded together to change their lives

Summer is coming, and together we’re going to help each other look and feel awesome.

How do you join?

I’ve put together an email list for participants in the challenge. The only thing I’ll use it for is to send out a few intro emails on the principles of the challenge and a weekly update with some tips and encouragement.

In the short email series, I’ll tell you about which foods and exercise will get you the best results according to the research of people like Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, and Tim Ferriss. I also came up with a foolproof way to make sure you meet all your goals and still see great results.

(Registration has been closed for this challenge, but I’m sure we’ll do one again!)

I mentioned accountability

To keep accountable, I’m going to use the FMF Forum. If you’re part of the challenge, you’ve gotten an email to know where that is1. We should provide updates weekly and encourage one another on a regular basis. Facebook will also be a good place for questions and celebrations. But if you don’t use Facebook, you can just comment here! We’ll still be able to keep each other accountable.

I also mentioned prizes

What challenge is complete without prizes? 🙂

I’ve wrangled up a few sponsors for this challenge, and you have to participate* in order to be eligible to win.

For more info on the prizes, click their links or go to this post.

Please invite your friends!

The more people we have in this challenge, the better it will be. Please tell as many people as you can who want to get some fat loss in before summer gets here.

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photo by TheDreamSky

*For this contest, you’re considered a participant if you are a member of the email list (so I can contact you if you win) and you at least post your goals at the beginning of the challenge and post some type of result at the end.

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  1. It doesn t have to be perfect, but tracking your food for just a few days could be one of the most eye opening experiences you have when it comes to getting in shape.

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