31 Fitness Tips To Get You Through Winter

Fitness Tip: move around a little bit more!
Almost a month and a half ago you probably made a decision to focus on your health again. January 1 is the day most people take that jump and rededicate themselves to their goals.

I even tried to help keep the momentum for myself and for my Twitter followers by tweeting a #fittip every day during the month of Janaury.

Now that we’re in February, how are you doing with the commitment you made? I’m happy to say I’m still doing well, and I’m even exercising more. But I still sometimes need a nudge in the right direction.

So to bring us back around to our decisions and put a new spring in our step, I decided to repost those tips in one blog post.

31 Tips

1. Make up your mind. Today’s the day you’ll start again. Go forth and prosper!

2. Decide on a goal. Whether it’s go Paleo a month or lose 50 lbs this year, write it down and post it where you’ll see it.

3. Now that it’s all over, get rid of the crap! Throw away all the stuff that’ll give you trouble.

4. Go shopping. Make yourself a menu of healthy foods, and hit the store!

5. Find a partner. Things are always easier when you’re not alone. Tweet #4hb or #paleo to find someone!

6. Find a workout. It doesn’t have to be much, but it needs to be more than before. Try www.maxcapacitytraining.com for example.

7. Prepare meals ahead of time to avoid a rush. You’ve got your menu, right? Start making it!

8. Set aside more time to eat your food. Enjoy what you eat, even if it’s just fuel. You’ll overeat less if you give more time for hormone signaling to work.

9. Park a little farther away today than you’re used to. Realizing that you’re doing something constructive, even something so small, will help motivate you to continue.

10. Eat as much Real Food as possible, the way God intended it. Processed = not as good.

11. Don’t drink calories. Except on your cheat day. Just don’t.

12. Drink more water. Staying hydrated is good for your body, generally keeps you from feeling hungry, and even freshens your breath!

13. Caffeinated coffees and teas do not count as hydration. Caffeine actually works to dehydrate you.

14. When eating out, check the menu before you go. Decide what you’ll eat, and tell someone you’re going with to keep you accountable.

15. Remember: “Exercise is important, but diet is critical.” – Robb Wolf. Check yourself to make sure you’re still good.

16. Getting hungry too quickly? Eat a bit more protein and fat at each meal. You won’t gain weight, and you won’t get as hungry!

17. Meal planning got you down? Make it easier: make extra dinner tonight to eat for tomorrow’s lunch. Saves you 7 meals a week

18. Each morning, make the decision to stick to the plan that day. Don’t hope you can; know you can.

19. Plan your workouts like you plan your meals. If you know what you’re going to do, all you have to do is show up.

20. Warm up before your workouts and stretch well after. Helps keep muscles from getting too tight and keeps you feeling young!

21. Go out and play more. It might not seem like it, but simply playing is still a form of exercise!

22. Be more proactive. Suggest places with healthy options instead of always declining lunch with coworkers!

23. Start slow. Change one thing at a time to maximize your likelihood of sticking to your bigger picture changes.

24. Help your body burn fat by keeping the sugar out! Start by reducing or removing refined sugars and go from there.

25. Keep going! You’ve been doing well so far; don’t let that slow you down!

26. Throw that freaking scale away! Or at least hide it for now. Judge your progress on inches or how your clothes fit.

27. Stop looking for a quick fix; you won’t find one. Make lasting changes, and you’ll eventually find victory!

28. Eat slower. Your body needs time to realize that you’re satisfied. Try being the last person at the table to finish.

29. Write yourself a short note to remind you about your goals and hang it somewhere you’ll see it several times a day.

30. When you mess up, take a minute to figure out why and adjust your plan to help prevent it in the future. Then forget about it!

31. Reward yourself! Set up a system where you’ll reward your commitment and consistency. You deserve it!

If you need more motivation, check out the 31 most motivational links I could find!

Your turn: what is the best fittip you can share with us?

If you find any of these helpful, I’d really appreciate a Facebook like or link or a Tweet! You’re awesome!

photo credit: lululemon athletica

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  1. Winter is only season in the year when people become careless about their health. I like the concept of this story as it has provided excellent tips to keep on their fitness mission also in the winter season.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I suppose it’s heading into relevancy for you, since you’re in Australia. I’m glad it can be so multi-seasonal. 🙂


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