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The 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss[A]s Tim Ferriss’ newest book, The 4 Hour Chef was launching, I gathered up all of the info I could find and put it here. Please enjoy all of the extras he released with the book!

If you haven’t done so, order your copy now!

4 Hour Chef Trailer

Here’s the official trailer:

I found this other video too (first) that I thought was the trailer. Maybe it’s a second one. Or a pre-trailer.


4-Hour Chef Bonuses and Extra Chapters

There’s nothing there yet, but Tim’s got a placeholder on his blog that states “Coming soon, my good friends. Coming soon.” So for now, bookmark it. 😉

The 4-Hour Chef – Bonuses and Extras

Samples from the book

How to get a sample chapter of The 4-Hour Chef

24 Skills in 48 Hours

Other 4HC Resources

There have been a few other things pop up on the web over the year. Here’s a list of some of the more noteworthy items.

More to come

I’ll be on top of this as it happens, and I’ll have my thoughts when my book comes in a few weeks. Until then, bookmark this page and you might get stuff before TF even puts it on his blog (he hasn’t even posted that video yet)!

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