Intersections: Recipe Resources Edition

kimchiMany of us have been on 4HB for a while, but a whole ton of us have just started. Several, like me, still have a long way to go. I’ve seen so many questions about different kinds of food – what we are allowed, what we can substitute, and simply just new recipes to keep things exciting.

Food is important to me, both as fuel and as a social event (which is why I have recipes of my own), and I still maintain that the small number of foods in 4HB doesn’t mean our meals are boring!

In this Intersections post, I want to share with you a bunch of – surprise, surprise – resources in finding your favorite 4HB friendly recipes.


The obvious first one I should mention is Tim’s 4HB Slow-Carb Cookbook. Those of us who got in early got a free copy of it, and I don’t think you can buy it anymore. There are a lot of people giving it away for free for subscribing to blogs and such, but because I don’t know the legal ramifications of that, I’m not going to offer it from my blog.

However, Tim’s had Robb Wolf on his blog before, so it must be OK because of association, right? 🙂 The copy from Robb Wolf’s website: download The Slow-Carb Cookbook here (pdf).

Another cookbook I want to share isn’t necessarily a 4HB cookbook, but it’s definitely along the slow-carb lines. You may have heard of Mark’s Daily Apple, and that Mark put out a cookbook called The Primal Blueprint Cookbook. The only difference you’ll find between these recipes and a strictly slow-carb book is that in the paleo lifestyle you don’t eat legumes and you do eat limited amounts of fruit.

The recipe book is gorgeous, and it has some ridiculously amazing recipes. I’d definitely recommend checking it out. Disclosure: If you buy it from my link, I do get a kickback.

Slow-carb food ideas

Do you want a list of suggested food? Do you also want to be able to make tasty meals from those foods? Brian of 4-Hour Body Zone created a “4HB Food Matrix” that will help you do just that. Pick a food from each list, add some spices, and you have a tasty meal. I’m hanging this on my fridge.

I also found several website that are great for food ideas. Chow Stalker and The Foodee Project are sites site that very simply display recipes with prominent photos. Each recipe links to the blog and recipe of the person who submitted it. They’re primarily a paleo sites, but you can get some great slow-carb recipes too.

My Slow Low is basically the same idea as the other two, but it’s specifically slow/low carb. Many 4HB friendly recipes can be found there.

Other recipe resources

Justin at My Four Hour Body created a post like this before I did. His 4HB recipe resources are also very good, so I recommend checking them out as well. He has links I specifically didn’t include in mine, so you’ll find some different recourses there.

A while ago started a recipe thread at the 4-HBtalk Forums that has blown up like crazy. You can find TONS of recipes there. And if you’re not a 4HBTalk member, I absolutely recommend you sign up for the forums. Then when you’re there, check out our 4HB recipe thread!

Pimping my own wares

Finally, what kind of recipe-loving 4HB blogger would I be if I did point you to my own recipes? They’re by far what get the most traffic here, and I do take some pride in creating tasty 4HB friendly foods (and modifying the non-friendly food I love to be friendly). Before you take off, please check out the FindingMyFitness recipe page.

I also have a newsletter, and for signing up for it you’ll get at LEAST 10 recipes emailed to you over 10 weeks. These recipes are exclusive to the folks that get my newsletter, so sign up today if you want to start getting them.

Now that you have all these resources at your disposal, go make some yummy food!

What’s your favorite 4HB recipe? Got any other resource links? Please share with us!


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  1. Another great resource I use is Kalyn’s Kitchen. It’s not related to Slow Carb, but the recipes are intended to be Low GI so almost all are Slow Carb friendly or can be slightly modified for Slow Carb. It’s been around for years, so I find it’s one of the best and most exhaustive places to find recipe ideas.

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