5 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing the Slow-Carb Diet

As someone who experimented with the Slow Carb Diet for a while, I’m a pretty big fan. It’s innovative, creative, and dead simple.

But even though the diet is simple, let’s face it – humans make mistakes especially when we don’t know what we shouldn’t be doing.

So I decided to write about the 5 mistakes that most people make with the slow carb diet so you can ensure you don’t fall victim to the same pitfalls.

Mistake # 1 – Not Getting Enough Protein in the Morning

Many people report not feeling hungry in the morning or report that they are unable to have a heavy breakfast early after waking up. This is a very big mistake if you want to see results from the slow carb diet.

Eating a high protein breakfast will make a huge difference in your results and even if you don’t feel hungry you should get this breakfast in. You will get used to it in no time anyway so the first couple days are always the roughest.

Mistake # 2 – Not Consuming Adequate amounts of Water

So many people hate drinking water and drink little to no water. When it comes to the slow carb diet you have to drink your water and drink plenty of it. Since this diet is high in fiber you need to ensure that you are effectively hydrated.

It is easy to forget to drink your water especially if you never liked to drink water before starting this diet. Keep a bottle of water with you always and keep sipping from it throughout the day. Replace each bottle immediately after it finishes so that you won’t lapse and forget to get another bottle later.

Just like breakfast, consuming your water will become easy overtime as long as you don’t give up and give in.

Mistake # 3 – Not Consuming Adequate amounts of Legumes

Legumes have a low caloric density than your starches and so you will need to eat more of these through the day than you would of starch. You can purchase pre-cooked canned lentils and beans to ensure that you always have legumes and hand and won’t have to go through the lengthy cooking process that usually goes with items purchased in the produce section.

Mistake # 4 – Not Getting Adequate amounts of Sleep

Not getting adequate amounts of sleep can have a huge effect on your health and specifically your weight. Many don’t realize the type of correlation that good sleep has with their weight and more aware of the effects of lack of sleep on their ability to focus and make good decisions.

The truth is that sleep affects hormone imbalances and as such when you don’t sleep well you will end up eating more. And we all know what happens when we start to eat more.

If you are having trouble falling asleep at night you may have a lot on your mind. Try to keep a journal by your bedside and write down all the things on your mind as a form of release so you can head off to dream land.

Mistake # 5 – Not Paying Attention to the Foods that Cause you to Overeat

We call these foods domino foods. These are the foods that are allowed on the diet but the ones that you can easily get lost with and overeat. You want to decide on your portions in advance and if you are doing the meal prep yourself; prepare that one serving so there is no urge to go back for seconds. If you are not in charge of meal prep you can use your water to help you not overeat on your domino foods.

Water will fill you up leaving no space for more of hat food which can easily add up.

The Slow Carb diet is simple but it is by no means infallible. By avoiding these common mistakes you can get the most out of this diet and if you find yourself making these mistakes you can turn them right around.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made that’s kept your slow-carb diet successes from reaching their potential?

About the author: Jane McCafferty is a personal trainer and a health & fitness fanatic. In her spare time, she blogs over at Jane’s Best Fitness.

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  1. For me the most important part by far is trying to get enough protein in in the mornings.

    Providing I do that I find my hunger in the evenings is much more controlled. Before I started on the Slow Carb diet I never even ate breakfast. I didn’t think I needed to because I wasn’t hungry. Then I would just have the most insane binges in the evening.

    Now days I feel much more content wil having a good meal for dinner and leaving it at that.

    Thanks Jane!

  2. how many beans are enough?

    • Hey Robyn,

      Depends on you. What I’ve noticed is people get around 1/2c per meal when they’re not really part of the dish. In chili, for example, I might get more because I’ll eat a couple bowls. You have to find a balance between too many that it affects your blood sugar and too few that they don’t really fill you up and you’re hungry. I’d say think about what works for you, but 2 cups a day is probably going to be detrimental. None isn’t going to hurt you either, because you can get calories from fats.


  3. I just started this and screwed up by using honey in my tea (about a teaspoon per cup and two cups a day). Should I forego cheat day because of this mistake? Also I had a Vega Proteins and Greens shake. What’s your take on that as a once in awhile supplement? Thanks!!

    • I wouldn’t sweat the honey, Michael. I don’t know anything about those shakes, but as long as it doesn’t have a bunch of sugar and soy you might be OK, just realize it’s not ideal.


  4. For mistake #1, I guess eggs everyday will be okay! =)

    My biggest mistake would be lowering my daily caloric intake too much in combination with a low carb diet. I was feeling dizzy for days!

    I should have eaten more good fats, protein, and veggies.

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