The 7 Best 4HB Blogs You Should Be Reading

Many moons ago after reading The 4 Hour Body I went, like you, on the internet to find more information and blogs about it. Unlike you (unless you started say in March or later), I didn’t find much.

I’ll say it: you are spoiled! ๐Ÿ™‚

FindingMyFitness started in December, and I’m proud to consider myself one of the first bloggers to enter the Four Hour Body niche. I’m also very proud to be surrounded by so many very talented bloggers who are carving out their own space in this niche.

These days people new to 4HB will have no trouble finding a plethora of places to go for more information. To make it that much easier for you to find some, I present to you – in alphabetical order – my Top 7 list of 4 Hour Body blogs!

Before you get too much further, I should mention that some of these bloggers have moved to a more Paleo style. However because Paleo and slow-carb are practically siblings, I think they’re very worth the read.

4hb talk forums4HBTalk Forums Blog

This blog is fairly new, but the forum itself has been around since the beginning. Boasting over 2300 members and counting, it’s replete with the information you’re looking for. Look for a lot of guests posts on the 4HBTalk Blog too. You can sign up for 4HBTalk here.

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4 hour body zone4 Hour Body Zone

Brian and I basically started our blogs at the same time. He started out by doing the flash diet Tim talks about in 4HB, but these days he blogs more about the paleo lifestyle. He’s got really good recipes, and he also tells us *why* we should do things the way we do them.

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4 hour lifeThe 4-Hour Life

Most of us generally blog about exercise or diet. Stephen actually blogs about it all. He covers things related to diet and exercise, of course, but he also hits the other content from the The 4-Hour Body as well as some items from The 4-Hour Workweek.

Stephen is the medical professional among us, and I appreciate the perspective that gives his posts. He’s also the only person I know who has outsourced his workout!

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4 hour body coupleFour-Hour Body Couple

Subscribe to 4HBC’s blog if you want regular, top-notch tips for your slow-carb lifestyle. Luke and Kat are not just great writers, they’re really interested in seeing you get results. The posts are super-informative, and if you’re astute you’ll see Luke’s posts showing up on other blogs too.

You should read: The new Slow Carb rules โ€“ what to do โ€“ not what to avoid

lose a skinny chickLose A Skinny Chick

At first you might think this is a site for tips on breaking up with your girlfriend, but after closer examination you’ll realize that, well, it’s not. The name is quite clever, though. Mike says when he started losing fat, he had as much to lose as a skinny chick weighs. He’s well on his way, but changing the name to “lose a chubby toddler” doesn’t quite resonate as well.

Mike’s difference from the rest is that he does what you’ve heard called “the flash diet”. Everything he eats gets posted on his blog. What I like about that is if anyone ever wants to know what kind of meals get results, you’ve got no doubt when you read his blog.

You should read: Just browse his blog, actually. I couldn’t pick one post to put here, but I want you to see what he does every day.

my 4 hour body diaryMy 4 Hour Body Diary

I’ve talked about Justin before here. He is another one that started out on slow-carb but has generally moved to more of a paleo diet. Justin had the most astounding results I had ever seen in that short period of time, so you can be sure he knows what he’s talking about. He’s especially interested in the science behind exercise and gives great work-out tips.

You should read: How Exercise Does and Does not Affect Fat Loss

slow-carb foodieSlow Carb Foodie

If I didn’t like Laura so much, I’d be threatened by her culinary skills. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Most of what she’s got on her blog is food-related, but you’d expect that from the name, right? I have made several of her recipes, and they’re all fantastic. And as you’d expect, they’re all slow-carb friendly!

You should read: 3 Easy and Delicious Slow Carb and Paleo Chicken Recipes

Two more bonus blogs

These last two aren’t 4HB blogs, but they have superb articles that help me every time I read them. Followers of the Paleo diet will be familiar with them. Between the two of them you’ll get more science and history than you can handle, but it’s all relevant and all good. There are even a smattering of slow-carb recipes in there!

At Mark’s Daily Apple, you should read Charcoal Roasted Pork Loin.

At Robb Wolf’s blog, you should read the Big ‘Fat’ Blog Post – Part 1.

What’s your favorite 4HB, slow-carb, or paleo blog?

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  1. Jason, without a doubt there is one missing here in that list. Albeit anyone reading the list should already be privy to it, and that is Finding My Fitness. As an avid reader of your site I think you do a fabulous job with all aspects of the 4 Hour Body. And if you can’t already tell, what makes Jason (you) so great is that he (you) really care about your readers and their success. From your wonderful recipes to your often delightfully philosophical thoughts on diet and exercise you have really created something here that I know sets the bar for the rest of us. I want to thank you for the mention, and all your hard work that I know helps me and many others seeking out good, high quality information about, not just the 4 Hour Body, but life in general. We will be delightfully watching as you “find your fitness” and hopefully I can also uncover mine along the way.

    Thanks again,


    • Thank you for your really kind words, Stephen. I’m really glad (and often humbled) to be counted among such a top-notch group! It’s a great adventure to be part of, for sure.


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