About FMF

My name is Jason, and I’m fat.  But that’s all changing.

After over 15 years of trying to lose weight, I’m finally going to make it happen. I need this blog as a way of accountability to make sure I don’t give up when it gets tough. You all will help me do that, if only because I know you’re reading and expect changes.

I also want to help you on your journey. I know how hard it is to lose weight. I’ve tried everything too. That’s why together we are going to nail this thing once and for all. I’ve got recipes to share (I’m a total foodie) using the foods that are on the 4HB list. I’ll share tips and tricks to make your experience with finding your fitness easier. Like I said, I’ve been down this road before. I want to help you avoid the lows and rejoice with you during the highs!

My main goal is to become healthy, but that’s too abstract. I’ve set some specific, attainable goals for myself:

  • Get to 200 lbs
  • Run a sub-8 minute mile
  • Run an entire 10K

The motivation for me came from reading The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. As a result, some of the “how to” posts will be based on the book. My diet and my exercise will probably primarily be from 4HB. The rest of the posts are more general.

I’d love for you to join me on the journey. To get updates you can:

If you’re fat and don’t want to be, my hope is you can find some encouragement here.  If you were fat and aren’t anymore, I look forward to hearing about your experiences.  If you were never fat and don’t plan on it, your fitness advice is coveted.

Thanks for stopping by!