Intersections: Best Links of the Comments Edition

best links of the comments
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You have made my blogging experience absolutely astounding. I wouldn’t trade any of this past several months for the world.

I absolutely love reading the comments you leave. I find loads of encouragement from them, and you often challenge me. The challenges I get from the comments are immensely valuabl
With over 90 posts’ worth of comments to chose from, I wanted to bring to the front some of my favorite links that you have given me. I hope others who might not have seen them will enjoy them as much as I have.

For the runners (or wannabes)

Watching this running video changed the way I run the very next time. It’s called the pose method, and it’s running the way your body is designed to. Mid-foot strike, using your powerful hammies to pull your leg up, keeping a strong core. Thanks to Justin from My Four Hour Body Diary for the link!

Working out for fatties

Another one Justin sent me was part of a series on training the obese beginner. While it’s primarily geared towards trainers (and a pretty heady read), I found a lot of insight in it about how to work out myself, as an obese beginner. I need to go through it again with a pen and take notes this time.

Just get to the food already…

I guess it’s telling that a lot of the links I looked at after the first round of cuts had to do with food.

A lot of 4HB folks these days are checking into the Paleo “solution” as a possible alternative, or perhaps logical next step after 4HB. Another link Justin sent me (what can I say? He commented a lot!) is to an artcile on Tim Ferriss’ blog written by Robb Wolf about the Paleo diet. It’s an excerpt that I find fascinating, as it goes in depth on why we shouldn’t be eating grains. It’s poison ivy for your belly!

The other day I wrote a whole post about how we don’t have to be afraid of dietary fat. On a completely different post, I had mentioned staying away from coconut oil because of how high its saturated fat content was. Leanne of The Real Loo linked me to a Daily Apple article about saturated fat being healthy. That article is precisely what started my research in my article about fat, which is one of my most popular articles to date!

Just the name “Summer Tomato” makes me feel more healthy! Darya published an article about eating healthy without being negative about it around others. Laura – the awesome Slow Carb Foodie – posted it in response to an article I wrote about social awkwardness while you’re on a diet.

Ok, one recipe…

I can’t have a roundup without a recipe, I think.

We’re all looking for fun ways to enhance our beans and veggies, and – speaking of Laura – she posted a recipe for spiced roasted veggies. Now, hers uses sweet potatoes, but you certainly don’t have to. She takes it up several notches with various spices that just really jump!

It was fun to go back and revisit the comments to pull out these links. I hope you’ve benefited from them the way I have as well. In a few months, you can expect another post like this, so stick around! And contribute some links while you’re at it!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. That Justin guy is taking over your blog! LOL

    Just read another interesting post on coconut milk from the Healthy Skeptic That you should read.

    Chris Kresser was on Robb Wolf’s podcast the other day talking about nutrition and fertility and raising a healthy baby. Something anyone with or having kids should look into.

    Anyone into nutrition should listen to Robb and Chris’ podcasts.

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