Enter My Christmas #4HB Giveaway – The 4 Hour Chef, PAGG, and Protein Powder!

It’s Christmas time!

You guys have been an amazing community, between the 4HB recipe Facebook group and the slow-carb meal planner and the newsletter, and I wanted to give something back.

You might have gotten an email from me last week or so asking what you’d like to win if you could win something, and the feedback was super. The top request was 4 Hour Chef, but the two below it were so close I couldn’t decide which to include.

I reached out to Primal Nutrition and Pareto Nutrition (I just realized they’re both P. Nutrition!) and got some great stuff. Check out what I’m about to give away:

A copy of The 4 Hour Chef

While a copy of the book was the most-requested item, some folks weren’t exactly sure what this is, so let me get you the description from Amazon:

Featuring recipes and cooking tricks from world-renowned chefs, interspersed with the radically counterintuitive advice Ferriss’s fans have come to expect, The 4-Hour Chef is a practical but unusual guide to mastering food and cooking, whether you are a seasoned pro or a blank-slate novice.

Beyond that, it is designed to be “the cookbook for people who don’t buy cookbooks.” The 4-Hour Chef will teach Ferriss’s approach to learning any skill in minimum time, which is what his 1,000,000+ monthly blog readers have most requested he write about for nearly five years. Readers of this new book, using food as a vehicle, will learn the art and science of meta-learning–the skill of learning skills.

Last but not least, this book also refines and showcases the very best recipes and hacks based on Ferriss’s The Slow-Carb Diet, which hundreds of thousands of his readers around the world have tested for performance enhancement and fat loss (many have lost 100+ pounds since December 2010).

A week’s worth of Primal Fuel

I’ve talked about Primal Fuel before, how it’s the only protein powder I recommend (read the article to find out why, exactly). The fine folks over at Primal Nutrition (run by Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple) have graciously offered to send some samples over.

So the winner of the Primal Fuel will get 3 single-serve packages each of chocolate and vanilla. If you were to buy these packs separately, the prize is worth $27.

A month’s supply of PAGG

You’ve also no doubt read about PAGG and the cool fat-loss benefits of its components. The brand I recommend is Pareto Nutrition. They were the first to market with the stack as one (well, two) supplement, and they modeled their doses exactly from Tim’s research in The 4 hour Body.

Trevor has offered you guys one month of PAGG for free! If you were to buy one month of PAGG, it’d cost you $92 (costs less when you buy multiple months, by the way).

So altogether the prizes are worth $154!

All you have to do is enter below.

The more items you complete, the more entries you get.

There will be 3 winners, but you can only win one of the prizes.

The contest opens today and closes at midnight ET this coming Sunday, December 21.

Here’s the gist:

The only things that get you entries are what’s in the form below, but here’s what I’d like you to do:

  • Subscribe (or confirm your subscription if you are) to the FMF newsletter
  • “like” some Facebook pages (below)
  • Follow some folks on Twitter (below)
  • Tweet about the giveaway (below)
  • Share it on Facebook, if you would be so kind! 🙂

Remember, each entry puts you into a raffle to get either:

  1. A copy of The 4 Hour Chef
  2. A month’s worth of PAGG
  3. or 6 single-serve packs of Primal Fuel

Don’t forget to “Bring your friends” for up to 10 more entries!

Click to enter my Rafflecopter giveaway!

photo by JD Hancock

Fine print:
I hate fine print, but the laws tell me I have to have some. There may be some circumstances under which I can’t send you the prize you may win. For example, I can’t internationally ship the book (bc I can’t afford it), but I can send you Amazon credit. Also, the PAGG and protein can’t be shipped everywhere due to customs, so if you enter I just ask that you keep that in mind and be gracious if it turns out that way for you.

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  1. Marianne Pendleton says

    You have a typo in your rafflecopter widget – the link to follow PN on twitter is wrong and results in an error message.

    It should take you to @paretonutrition. I found you but many others may not. Thanks for the giveaway!



  2. Thank you for hosting this great giveaway. I entered.. hope I did it right since I’m fairly new to sweepstakes and blog giveaways. Happy Holidays ! 🙂

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