Everything You Need To Know About 4HB Is Right Here

The 4 Hour Body by Tim FerrissNow that you’ve finished reading The 4-Hour Body (you haven’t? You really should!), you’re super excited to get started on your new body. There’s just one problem:

There’s so much info!

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I remember what it was like to have all of that stuff in my hands – and no idea what to do with it all!

You need something a little more condensed to wrap your mind around, otherwise you might end up trying to do so much you don’t really end up continuing to do anything. You don’t want that.

Here is your 4HB cheat sheet!

As a primer, if you don’t know what this 4 Hour Body thing is, check out these posts:
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There are two things you’ll want to know the most about right away: Food and Exercise. Here’s your beginner’s guide to both.


The first thing you are probably asking yourself is “What can I eat?” So I’ll start by giving you the list:
The Slow-carb Food List
Slow-Carb Snacks on 4HB
Answering the Biggest Question About Beans

I also have a page that has all of my recipes and food-related posts in one spot, so check that out.
FMF 4 Hour Body Recipes page
21 Ways to Spice Up Your 4HB Meals

Occasionally I post some meal plans or ideas.
28 Days of Slow-Carb Meal Plans Just For You
Sure Fire Fat Loss: 21 Slow Carb Meal Ideas

If you need some delicious slow-carb recipes and a few extra tips along the way, I recommend signing up for the FMF Newsletter. You’ll get one recipe a week for at least 10 weeks to start you out on your way. Occasionally, I’ll also send you articles I’ve written or found that’ll help you on your journey.


Here’s a brief intro to exercise the 4HB way:
Tim Ferriss and Justin Hamade Are My Personal Trainers

The exercises in The 4 Hour Body are really simple, but sometimes you just want something else.
Max Capacity Training

General Tips

Finally, I have plenty of articles here that are designed to give you more info to help your 4HB experience.
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Sometimes I even find extras for the 4HB. I didn’t create these, but they complement the book very well.
More 4 Hour Body Than You Can Shake A Stick At
Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Transformation
4-Hour Body Fat Loss Cheat Sheet
The 7 Best 4HB Blogs You Should Be Reading

Now that you’re armed with this info, send it to all your friends so they can jump on this journey with you. 😉

If you’ve got any questions at all, don’t hesitate to hit me up on Twitter (@fmfblogger) or send me an email.

Go out and be awesome!


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