Stay Motivated Through The Holidays With These Awesome Recipes

Have a great Thanksgiving, Paleo/Slow-carb Style!

You can crush it these holidays with these great recipes!

In the book:

  • 7 pages on preparing the perfect poultry!
  • 7 scrumptious sides!
  • 6 decadent desserts!
  • 3 delicious drinks!

All of the recipes are completely Paleo compliant, and many of them are totally Slow-Carb Friendly!

Normally, I’d charge $5.99 for a recipe book like this, but since we’re in the middle of the season, I’m lowering the price to just $3.99!

Less than a month to Thanksgiving!

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[C]an you have a fulfilling Thanksgiving (or any holiday, really) and not gain a million pounds?

Yes. And it’s not even very hard, no where close to unappealing, and actually quite lovely.

And when you do, your motivation to keep your fitness goals in sight will absolutely skyrocket.

It’s easy to overdo it

Among other things, Thanksgiving meant the most delicious array of comfort food this boy had ever seen.

The only real problem I ever had with Thanksgiving was how I felt later in the day.

You know how it is. The turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, dessert – they all helped put you in a coma that kept you hibernating until the following Monday. They say it’s the triptophan in the turkey, but I wonder if it was actually a hyperglycemic coma that would slowly work its way into type 2 diabetes if we let it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

Thanksgiving could be the healthiest holiday you have.

Easter and Christmas are both filled with candy, but the fall holiday meals are all about the harvest. Whole foods, straight from the ground, and protein.

What makes the holidays hard on your pancreas is all the wheat and sugars we throw at it in the space of about an hour. The mashed potatoes don’t help entirely, but all the rolls, stuffing, and sugar you ingest sends your insulin skyrocketing.

With my Holiday Feast guide and recipe book, not only will you learn how to cook the perfect turkey, but you’ll also ensure that everything that ends up on your table will be full of nutrition as well as utterly mouthwatering.

If you’re at all interested in having a healthy holiday, just click that button over there to the right, and we’ll get you going!

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