Has Your Home Been Toppled Yet?

I don’t normally write more than one post a day, but today I wanted to make an exception. This one is outside of my normal schedule, but sometimes things happen that require us to be more flexible.

I’m calling all followers of 4 Hour Body or anyone who’s with me on their journey to find their own fitness to help the relief effort in Japan in some way or another.

If you don’t know about the disaster in Japan, you need to get out more. Just in case you’ve been too busy following 4HB to hear about it, you can read some articles quickly.

I just posted on Twitter a call to my readers to donate to relief efforts if your house is still standing. You have it better than millions of people in Japan who had it just as good as you do two weeks ago.

Check out this list of who is helping sort out the mess in Japan.

I’ve decided to use this blog to help as well.

At least through March, 50% of any income I make from this blog will be donated to aid in Japan, probably through the Red Cross.

If you have any other orgs that could use some as well, let me know. Help me decide who to send it to.

You guys rock.


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