How To Lose 4% Of Your Weight And Get Paid $127

Lose weight now!

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Yes, you can lose 4% of your body weight, and statistically win $127. I told you about it last time.

The 4-Hour Body DietBet is well under way, and while I started it almost a week late, I’m feeling good about it.

Note: If you’d still like to participate, you can sign up for that it here: 4 Hour Body Challenge.

If you’re already doing it (or will soon), I thought I’d mention how I’m doing it to give you some ideas, especially considering I don’t have an iPhone and can’t use the Lift App.

Oh, and at the end, there’s a special offer on PAGG from Pareto Nutrition specifically for this diet bet!

Step 1: Tracking

As I said, I don’t have Lift, which is the iApp that sparked the whole thing. However, the app isn’t necessary to compete.

I’m using the 4 Hour Body Android app. It lets you track your measurements, photos, and helps make sure you’re eating the proper foods. Download it!

Step 2: Hustle

There’s not a lot of time left, so it’s important to get as much in your favor as possible

Make sure you’re sleeping well
Sleep is really underrated. If you’re not sleeping well, not only are you keeping your stress level higher, but you’re also not giving your body the rest it needs to burn the fat.

Drink plenty of water every day
It helps to keep things running smoothly, and, oddly enough, it helps you get rid of any water weight you’re retaining because of salt or carbs.

Stick to the 4-HB Food list
The most success I have is when I stick to the approved 4-HB food list. Tim did all the testing, and he’s broken it down for us to enjoy the benefits. Download the 4HB app to take to the store with you when you shop (it even has a shopping list function).

When I’m tempted to eat something that’s not on the food list, I keep asking myself “Would I pay $50 for this?” I really don’t want to end this diet bet missing by a pound or two knowing I didn’t give it 100%.

Exercise at least 3 times a week
You don’t need to overdo it, but you at least need to do it. The simple exercises in the book are plenty. I’m doing kettlebell swings, squats, pushups, hip raises, and flying dogs (I really hate those – I don’t know why).

Step 3: Stay Motivated

To keep myself motivated, I’m hanging out on the DietBet site for the challenge and interacting with others there. I’m also listening to podcasts like Robb Wolf’s to keep learning about nutrition and fitness and maybe pick something up I can use over the next three weeks.

I’m also staying off the scale. That’s a lot harder than it sounds. In my mind, I know I only have 3 weeks to do this, so I want to make sure I’m making enough progress. I’ll weigh weekly (or maybe semi-weekly), and I’ll measure weekly. I’m tracking all that in the 4HB app.

Those of you using the Lift app might have an easier time staying motivated and accountable because you’ve got your checkins and some social activity on the app itself.

Bonus: PAGG discount!

Trevor from Pareto Nutrition just let me know about an awesome deal they’ve got going on in honor of the DietBet.

He says:

Here’s the deal:

1) We’ve dropped by the price on all of our multi-month (i.e. two month or more) packages by at least $50, or the minimum wager on dietbet.

2) Everyone in the lower 48 US states are upgraded to FedEx 2nd Day.

3) No coupon code necessary

4) Offer expires November 5th.

5) Cannot be combined with other offers.

Using the challenge link, you can effectively get an entire month free (the price of 2 months is almost the same as the price of 1 month).

If you want to get some PAGG on the cheap, click here!

Are you in?

I’d love to know how many of you all are doing this challenge! I’ll probably keep updates during the challenge to describe how things are going, what seems to work, what doesn’t, etc.

If you’re participating, please say so in the comments!

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