I Can Skin Cats Too

This is part 3 in a case study on a few formerly (amen) big dudes who started the slow-carb diet as prescribed in The 4-Hour Body.

Ok, I’ve officially overused that phrase.
Don’t ever let me use it again.

As you’re probably aware I interviewed Mick Montgomery and Mike Stenger to try to pick their brains about their slow-carb successes. Both of them have a determination that I wish I had more often, and I wanted to know what they did in order to have that drive for myself. I’ve gotten a lot out of their answers, and I’m sure you have too.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: they’re just regular guys too.

It’s only fair I answer my own questions, so today I give you me.

1. What’s your main focus as you implement the different things you’ve read in The 4 Hour Body?

I’m focusing on the fat los portion of the book, specifically the slow-carb diet. It should be no secret to any of you here that I am a total foodie too, so eating the same three things over and over again just isn’t appealing after a while. And as a lot of people have complained about the “lack” of food in the slow-carb diet, I am out to show them that it’s simply not true.

2. What’s your biggest challenge in keeping the level of discipline you’d like to keep?

I cave to temptation very easily. I can’t have a plate of cookies, bowl of chocolate, or box of donuts anywhere that I can see or walk past them several times a day. I usually start out OK but my willpower isn’t strong indefinitely.

The way I get around it is by working really hard on eating a solid breakfast and having a good lunch with me at work. When I have to make food decisions at work is when it gets difficult to stay focused. It’s usually easier early in the week than it is towards the end, and being aware of that I can make other changes as well.

My other trick is to drink a lot of water when I eat something. It always makes me feel fuller and turns off the fake hunger pangs.

3. What do you do when you start to lose motivation?

Like Mick, I blog. If I don’t blog, I’ll talk to someone at work about how things are going. Talking to people about it gets me back into the mood and also asks for accountability. It’s easier to stay on track when you know someone will be asking you about it.

4. What’s your biggest tip to students of 4HB?

Make it as easy as possible to follow your plan. I’m starting to realize this more and more, and I don’t know why it didn’t click earlier. If you don’t have to think about your diet, you won’t worry about it and you won’t get frustrated by it. It’ll sort of slowly take over and become second nature, and in the business of lifestyle changes, that’s exactly what we want!

Wrapping it up

I hope you’ve found something useful with these three interviews. Here are my personal takeaways:

  • Focus on your successes, not your failures. You’ll be less likely to fall and stay down if you begin to learn from mistakes and adapt to them.
  • Everyone struggles with temptations. You’re not alone if you can’t pass up the cookie jar. You’re not weird, you’re not abnormal. But you can learn to pass it up; it just takes time and practice.
  • This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle change journey we’re on. It’ll be shorter for some than for others, but we’re all on it and we’re all making progress. Just keep walking!
  • Accountability is key. Whether it’s on Twitter, a blog, or just some friends, you need to keep yourself accountable. It’s something all three of us declare with resounding trumpets. Surround yourself with people who care about you, and you’ll find a lot of motivation you didn’t know you had.

What did you find the most helpful from this series? Do you have any questions for our guests?


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  1. Your are definitely being accountable. Hope the progress is going well.

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