Intersections: Men’s Health, Sugar Free, and Inspiration Edition

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted the last Intersections article. At first I didn’t have enough links, but now I have so many I have to cut some! These are the best of what I found this week.

Men’s Health (generally) supports 4HB

The 4 Hour Body Zone has an article this week about how the latest issue of Men’s Health magazine reinforces 4 Hour Body practices. Things on his list include studies that show how an ingredient we find in the PAGG stack increases fat loss, why eating MORE really does promote fat loss, and some case studies of guys you’ve heard of losing fat and building muscle on things that look eerily similar to our favorite lifestyle change. There’s more than that, so head on over to check it out for yourself.

Articles about food

Everyone “dieting” loves a good food article! There was one in the NY Times discussing something I often think about. A lot of diets focus on calorie restriction for weight loss (calories in-calories out). I think, and the NYT agrees, it’s more important to focus on food type and quality. Thanks to my friend Steven for the link.

Another article I’ve found very useful in explaining things about WHY the type of diet the 4HB teaches works for rapid fat loss. I’ve heard about ketosis but I didn’t really know what it was or why I should understand it. Mark’s Daily Apple has a great article that describes ketosis and its role in fat loss. Definitely check it out.

FInally, check out this article about “sugar free” desserts. A lot of people use them to get a handle on that sweet tooth they can’t seem to yank out, but it’s worth a look. Sugar free doesn’t always mean what it says.

More Tim Ferriss than you can swing a kettlebell at

This week I came across not one but two videos of Tim Ferriss talking about 4HB. They’re both a tad lengthy but worth the watch.
Tim Ferriss at Palantir Night Live
Tim Ferris @ Google Talks

Inspiring weight loss bloggers

I love finding 4HB bloggers that I didn’t know about before. This week I’m introducing you to The Spare Tire Project. Mick is another gentleman of my own ilk; he is going to lose 100 lbs. His numbers are almost the same as mine, so I (not so) secretly want to compete against him to lose quicker. 😉

Another blog I found recently isn’t a 4HB blog, but she’s a worthwhile read. She’s already lost over 65 lbs, and she’s not about to quit. She recently hit a huge milestone in her fitness journey, so why not head over to celebrate with her?

Inspiration for life

The last link I have for today is not weight-loss related directly, but it is absolutely what I want out of my blog, out of my life. There’s a surprise towards the end, too. It’s an inspirational article about being able live location-independent and do it by helping others.

Blog carnival announcement

Don’t forget the blog carnival in 2 weeks! I was late for May, but I’m going to do the June one right.

Once again, if you’re not sure what a blog carnival is, check out this article. You’ll find submission instructions and links there too. Get your articles ready! If you’d like to host it this time, give me a holler.

If you’ve got any other fantastic articles you found this week, share them in the comments!


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