Intersections: Monkeys Chillin’ on the Weekend Edition

More than relaxed
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar

To be honest, I just wanted to put up a picture of a monkey chillin’.

How does it feel to finally be a Friday?! Boy am I glad the weekend is here. It’s been a hectic week, and I’m looking forward to be chillin’ in the grass sticking my tongue out at passersby. It’s going to be fantastic!

A new 4HB wiki

A chap in the UK started a wiki for followers of The 4-Hour Body. It’s very new, but their tweets are active and do a great job at retweeting 4HB posts! If enough of us get in there, it could be the most extensive 4HB wiki ever. Get yourself an account at 4HB Wiki and contribute some content!

A new 4HB forum

Speaking of 4HB forums, there’s another one called Slow-Carb Revolution. They’re not as big as 4HBTalk, but they’re growing and have a formidable user base. The biggest difference I see is this one is more focused specifically on the food aspect of the diet. Which is good, because everyone loves food and we’re always looking for great 4HB recipes!

A zen master

This next link’s connection might not be completely obvious at first. I’ve got a post over at GetFitSlowly that talks about having to be a bit weird in order to realize your fitness goals. As a result, it’s possible you’ll get some criticism for your “radical” new behaviors. Leo Babauta, the internet’s resident zen master, has a great post on handling criticism gracefully as well as encouragement to keep doing amazing things.

Why it’s OK to be a heretic

Sort of along those lines, copywriting blog Copyblogger has a fantastic post on being a heretic. Now I know you don’t want to be a heretic, and you aren’t – trust me. But some of your friends and family might think you’re a nut for not eating bread and fruit. The post has a story about a scientist who has done some really amazing things, but at first he was considered a loony because of his idea (hey, even Galileo had that problem – and he was right). Sometimes you might have to do your thing alone for a while, but all it takes is one other person to get the ball rolling, and you’re on your way to being a game changer.

A new 4HB blogger that you’ve likely heard of for other reasons

We’ve got another 4HB blogger in our midst, and you might even know him. Adam Baker runs the popular personal finance blog Man vs. Debt, and he just relaunches his “I need to get skinny” site, Man vs. Fat. He’s doing it by following the plan in The 4-Hour Body, and if he handles this like he has his debt, he’s going to kill it. Check out his “before” pictures and stats, and be sure to follow him! Oh, did I mention he’s doing this while traveling around the country in an RV with his family?

This week at FMF:

If you’ve got any great links to share with us, go ahead and drop them in the comments. Have a great weekend!


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