Intersections: Lenten Edition

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Today is the first Friday of the season of Lent, so I dedicate this roundup to the season.

The first link I want to share with you is in the spirit of Lent. I’m not Catholic, and I don’t normally practice Lent, but I know a lot of people do and don’t eat meat on Fridays. This one is also for all of my vegetarian and vegan friends out there. I’ve always found Indian food to be very vegetarian friendly, and a friend of mine today introduced me to Manjula’s Kitchen. Look for the recipes that don’t use cheese (paneer) or cream. There are plenty! Chole Palak will be the first I make.

This video I found from a post on the 4-HBtalk forums has some outstanding statistics and results. It’s long, but it’s intriguing. We’ve lowered fat consumption, but obesity and heart disease is shooting up. So what’s the problem? It’s sugar. Take a watch – Sugar: The Bitter Truth.

One of the practices I’ve been thinking about doing again is that of fasting. There is a plethora of articles about the health benefits of fasting, but I’m also doing it for spiritual reasons. I’ve practiced fasting before, specifically along with prayer, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience both for my faith and my health. So this year for Lent, I will be fasting on Fridays (not just giving up meat). I figured it’s a good way to get back into it. Personal sacrifice to remember Christ’s sacrifice.

If you’d like a bit of good, healthy debate on fasting, this article is a good one that asks “Is Fasting Healthy?” Finally, Mark at his Daily Apple has a discussion about intermittent fasting.

Got any other good links from the week? Any of you giving up anything for lent? Give a shout in the comments!


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  1. As I mentioned to Jason and posted on my blog I have started experimenting with fasting recently as well. I have been doing it every day for 16-18 hour periods with a goal of losing fat (not weight) and gaining muscle. There are a lot of misconceptions about fasting, one is that you can’t gain muscle while fasting intermittently.

    If your are looking for info on muscle building and fasting check out It is a very technical blog but shows that it can be done with some amazing results.

    Another interesting example of fasting for athletes is Herschel Walker the great NFL running back and now at 50 years old MMA fighter. He only eats diner and doesn’t worry about protein intake.

  2. I’ve been doing some intermittent fasting also, and amazingly I feel pretty good when I do it.

    I also used Lent as a good reason to include a fast yesterday. I’ve been experimenting with fasting since about the 30 day mark on 4HB…it hasn’t caused me to lose lots of weight, but it has served me in making me aware of how I’m feeling and my body and hunger levels.

    Great post as usual, keep up the good work – oh and thanks for the Yerba!


    • @Brian: Did you get it already? 🙂

      Yeah, one of the first things I noticed is what it feels like to be hungry vs what it feels like to be empty. They’re two very different things. Most people are just empty (ie, no food in their stomachs) when they say they’re hungry. I would bet that the majority of Americans have never *really* been hungry, unless they did it intentionally.


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