7 Ways to Make Your Slow Carb Diet Easier

7 Ways to Make Your Slow Carb Diet Easier
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So far one of the biggest challenges for me being on the 4HB plan is having time to cook every meal. Sometimes it’s just not practical. Sometimes I’m so hungry when I get home from work that all I want to do is eat whatever I see. That was my biggest battle in the past. I would eat fine all day but binge at night. I just couldn’t stop. So eating according to the 4HB philosophy could keep me more satisfied during the day, but often I’d still just like to eat once I got home.

Another challenge is waking up in the morning early enough to prepare a lunch to take to work. I’d like to offer some suggestions to make this all easier.

Buy in bulk and separate immediately

If you can, buy in bulk. I go with my sister and her membership to Sam’s every several months and buy a bunch of chicken breast and ground turkey. When I get home I immediately portion it out in freezer bags. Then when I want to cook a quick lunch or dinner, there’s no measuring. You’ll save a lot of time (and money) with this.

Clip coupons and watch store ads

This will help you save money on specific items that will help to make preparation quicker. Canned vegetables or soups are always on sale. But additionally you can find some really great deals on frozen vegetables. Just a few weeks ago I got three 16oz boxes of mixed vegetables and I think I paid in the end under $.80 each. It really makes for quick vegetable preparation. But of course, I always prefer to go fresh (broccoli is really easy to prepare).

Buy dry beans and lentils and prepare them

OK, so this is more a money-saving tip than a preparation one, but in the same vein as buying the meat in bulk, you will spend less if you buy dry, and it really isn’t a big deal to prepare them if you aren’t going to eat them within the next 2 hours. I prepare them about a pound at a time and they fit excellently in quart containers (I reuse soup containers from my local Chinese takeout place).

Get some spices and keep them handy

Sometimes you might get bored with just egg whites, a yolk, and mixed vegetables. I absolutely love inventing dishes, and I will be sharing some of that here. One thing that will help a lot is to keep a nice selection of spices around to mix things up. I love Indian food, and lentils (daal) is a staple there, so it fits right in. I use a good number of masala when I prepare my foods to keeps things fresh and interesting.

Chop and save your veggies

I have found that I’m chopping onions or green onions or dicing garlic almost every day. Something that will save a ton of time is to do it all at once and save it. If you chop a couple onions and toss that into a reusable butter container (you know, from your previous days), you’ve got instant garnish. If you’ve got a food processor, toss a couple head of garlic in and buzz them until they’re diced. Not only is garlic really tasty, it is also extremely healthy (and part of the four hour body PAGG stack).

Outsource your PAGG stack

Speaking of the PAGG stack, there’s the hard way (at least 4 pills at once) and then there’s the easy way to take it. Yes, this is sort of a plug, but since I use it I figure I have the right. Get your PAGG stack from Pareto Nutrition, and tell them I sent you. You’ll take ONE pill four times a day, and you’ll get the exact dosage Tim Ferriss recommends in the book.

Outsource your dinner

I have recently found a way to have dinner all but made for me, and I save money doing it! With the website E-mealz, you can get a minimum of 5 recipes per week that come with shopping lists. For us slow-carbers, we can use the low-carb menu option and just ignore the few things that aren’t on our list. It’s really handy, and it only costs $5 a month. (I’ve written a whole post about e-mealz if you’d like more detailed first-hand testimony.)

Finally, I like to have lots of salsa, hot sauce, and mustard around. Check labels to make sure they don’t use added sugar.

Happy cooking! If you’ve got some great time or money-saving tips that fit within the 4HB food list, I’d love to hear it in the comments!


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