Skinning Cats: Mick Montgomery

mick montgomeryWhat do you get when you take a 310 pound guy, get him on the slow-carb diet, and send him to boot camp 5 days a week?

You get a guy named Mick who has lost over 24 pounds and 22 inches, that’s what.

The two 4HB blogs he has that I’d recommend following are Spare Tire Project and Cheat Day Project. You can also keep up with him on Twitter @mickmontgomery as well as his other blog, Montgomery Manifesto.

I asked Mick and Mike the same four questions, and they both were gracious enough to respond. Today, I present to you Mick Montgomery.

1. What’s your main focus as you implement the different things you’ve read in The 4 Hour Body?

My main focus is reduction in measurements, body fat and weight. That may seem obvious to anyone who would jump on the 4HB and Slow Carb, but in reality, most of us really only focus on the weight and not the rest of it.

My goal has always been to not just lose 100 lbs, but to transform myself into a more complete athlete at the same time. Yes, I want to be 100lbs lighter, but I also want to feel like a superhuman when I’m done. I know, it’s a simple goal really.

As I’ve tried the diet and hacks (cold showers, PAGG stack), I’ve weighed them against the results I’ve seen as it plays out to my weekly weight in and measuring. If it does not seem to really work, then I drop it. At this point, addressing, for example, the 30grams of Protein within a half hour of waking up. It totally works for me, and I’ve integrated it. It contributes in a huge way to my measurements and body fat reduction.

2. What’s your biggest challenge in keeping the level of discipline you’d like to keep?

Stress caused by my day job is the key factor in derailing my efforts. The more stressful the day, the less focus I have on things like food tracking or water consumption. Since I can easily get caught going from meeting to meeting, I’ve even forgotten to eat lunch.

The stress then creates this emotional kick back at the end of the day that is difficult at times to regulate. The more stressed, the more sad or frustrated I get. The more I feel sad or frustrated, the more I want to cheat on the diet. I have actually taken to using some techniques I learned in Therapy in order to cope with my actual feelings instead of just trying to alleviate them with fast food. I think emotions like sadness, anger, frustration, embarrassment, shame are difficult to own up to, and because of that, they can create a greater need to find methods of coping that are not exactly healthy.

3. What do you do when you start to lose motivation?

I blog.

The blog is a public journal for me. The more I am honest with myself at Spare Tire Project the more I’m able to reassess or refocus. Since I blog or tweet 4HB almost daily, I have a consistent re-focusing point back to my goals and to the process itself.

I think we can lose the (4hb) technique a bit, especially when we’re going through changes in our home life (i.e. new baby, new spouse, new debt) or at work (new job, new boss, new cube mate). The Blog has forced me to think about the process as much as possible. It has also forced me to be more honest with myself and thus honest with the readers. I have always felt I had to be somewhat stripped bare of my shields in order to dig deep enough to make the changes I need to make, and forcing myself to be honest keeps me in that place.

I also think support from people and relationships is key. At this point, I have someone to talk to about this journey with and that helps maintain my accountability.

Lastly, if it is really rough, I look at my ‘Before’ photos. I look at this unhappy, really over-weight man, who I don’t even recognize as being me. That is enough to pull me from the Abyss.

4. What’s your biggest tip to students of 4HB?

I have 3:

1. Data will keep you sane. I was already doing Boot Camp and working out fairly hard when I started 4HB, so my body does some ‘interesting’ things as I pack on muscle and burn off fat. There have been times where I’ve not lost any weight, but seen inches disappear. That level of data helps me understand the process I am on more clearly. If I just had the scale to go by I would have given up about week four.

Data is so key, in fact as I roll along I even tend to add more categories and track more things so I know what is going on with my body.

2: Get a support system around you. You cannot succeed in a vacuum. Even if your success is dependent on twitter followers, at least that is something. You need to have someone to bitch to and celebrate with.

Lastly, consider getting some exercise on your cheat day. I forgot about this trick, but when I work out on cheat day, the less impact the cheat day has on the old waistline.

Thanks, Mick! Up next: Mike Stenger.


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