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Never lack motivation! It'll carry you through
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Motivation: sometimes the one thing you need is the hardest thing to get.

You know how it is. It’s obvious you need to eat differently or move around more, but you can’t find the motivation to do it with enough consistency to make a difference. More often than not, though, you just keep making empty promises to start over.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get points for doing healthy stuff? And then after a certain number of points, you reach the next level? And then with different levels, you could actually win stuff? And that stuff you win is actually stuff you want?

Well, you can!

Leveling up your life

Steve Kamb at NerdFitness talks all the time about leveling up your life. Seriously, if you want to read some epic posts full of awesomeness as well as fitness tips, he should be in your RSS feed reader.

I found another way you can level up your life, quite literally.

The website is called SlimKicker, and it’s basically a motivation warehouse.

The general idea is you get points for doing things like completing your workouts (that you create) and logging the food you eat. (sidenote: I’m not advocating anal-retentive food logging, but for the purposes of SlimKicker, it’s fun and sometimes it’s good to know what you’re really eating).

But the real benefits come when you participate in challenges. There are probably hundreds (I haven’t counted) of challenges you can participate in, such as not eating snacks after dinner and swapping out soda for water/tea. Then there are other more ridiculous ones like doing 100 planks in a week. Daily “checking in” (marking down that you did the challenge that day) get you some points, but you get many hundreds for finishing a challenge. You can even create your own challenges and watch people participate in them.

Keep yourself motivated and meet challenges for real

I’ve been finding challenges here and there that I feel I can do because I wanted to some quick wins to start with. The best part about checking in every day is you keep the challenge at the front of your mind. Getting points for checking in is quite a draw for a competitive person.

Not checking in every day could mean you’ll forget, too. For example, I’d been doing a “no added sugars” challenge, and I had 5 days under my belt. Over the weekend I forgot to check in, and it wasn’t until Monday morning that I remembered about the challenge. I had to quit it because I had forgotten about it when my wife and I went to the Greek festival and decided to take a cheat day, and then the next day when we were at my niece’s birthday party. The good part, though, is that you can restart the challenges you quit. 😉

Obviously it works on the honor system, but if you cheat the only person who’s going to lose is you (and not in the good way).

Get real rewards

One of the features I love is that you can find a picture of something you want and upload it. You pick the level at which you will reward yourself with that thing, and then whenever you are on your profile, you’ll see that picture there.

The reminder of the promised reward will keep you motivated to keep going, and the community of the challenges will keep you coming back!

Some things to get you started

I spent some time poking through the groups, workout, and challenge lists for some that reflect the goals of the blog, and probably your goals as well. These are great for any slow carber or paleo follower.


I’m in the 4HB and Paleo groups, so come on over and say hi! There are only a few of us active in there at the moment, so let’s make the group bigger and better!


Search for these in the exercise list:

  • Back Flyes – With Bands
  • Air Squat
  • Wall Pushups
  • One-Arm Kettlebell Swings
  • Lying glute
  • Running – 10/mph (for sprint drills – pick your own speed)


See you there!

Visit: my SlimKicker profile

Action item: Sgn up for SlimKicker and friend me! We’ll keep each other accountable and see who can rack up the most points any given week!

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