Planning Your Success To Be Fit

Planning your successThis is a guest post by Charlie Redants of

We want everything: a perfect body, a challenging job, a great love life, and time for recreation and entertainment. How do you manage all these wants in a twenty-four time period? You have to make choices and prioritize your needs. If you had the time you might spend two hours a day in the gym. But you do not have the time. So you need to be honest with yourself and figure out how much time you can spend each week training your body. After you have made that choice, do not feel guilty about it.

With your fitness goals it is much better to err on the side of doing a little less, but doing it consistently, than trying to do too much and quitting.

The key is to be honest with yourself and set realistic goals.

After you have set your goal, the next step is owning it. This means writing it down. Remember, a goal is not a goal unless it is written down. Then read your goals every day. It does no good to write them down if you do not read them. Read them on days when you are excited about working out; read them on days when you are not. Say them out loud, take responsibility for them.

When making goals you will find the following format useful. You should create long-term, intermediate, and short-term goals and daily tasks.

Long-Term Goals:

Write down where you would like to be a year from now. Be specific. For example: You want washboard abs. You might have a picture from a magazine of how you want to look. Cut it out and paste it next to the writteng goal.

Intermediate Goals:

Write down where you want to be in six months. If you consistently work your body and eat healthy for six months, you can accomplish some very noticeable improvements.

Short-Term Goals:

Write down where you want to be a month from now. Every month you need to update this goal, always keeping in mind the results you want in six months and in a year. Examples migh be:

  • Losing a certain amount of weight or body fat.
  • Establishing a consistent workout schedule.
  • Developing a certain amount of strengh and endurance by lifting two to three times a week.

Daily Tasks:

At the beginning of each day set at least two goals for that day. You can also do this planning at night before you go to bed. Write them down.

Be specific. You should include not only what the task is but also at what time it will performed. For Example, on Monday your daily tasks might be: (1) ab worktout at 7:00 A.M., and (2) salad for lunch.

Setting goals is one thing, following through is another. You need to be patient and keep the fire burning. You need to get motivated and stay motivated.

What are your goals? Take 2 minutes right now and write them down. Set yourself one long-term, one intermediate, and one short-term goal. Write them in the comments! Be public! We’re here for you.

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Author Bio
Charlie Redants believes that everyone can perform at their best. Whether this means racing at an elite level, or having the stamina to take on the challenges of everyday family life and in being productive each and every time you make exercise. Keeping physically, mentally and spiritually fit for a lifetime is of utmost benefit to each individual and he takes pride in motivating others to achieve their goals check out his blog

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  1. I’ve had reasonable success with my fitness efforts, but not as consistent as I would like. Thanks for the post, I really do need to set some goals. My last goal was to run a marathon, which was great. But once completed didn’t set another goal or have a follow on plan, put on weight etc…

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