4HB Results: Did PAGG Work?

This was my first week on PAGG. I’ll get into the answer later, but the short one is “I’m pretty sure it did.” I’ve decided to start rather than end today’s post with my weekly results because I want to explain them after you see them.

The Results

Last time I reported it, my weight was 294.6.
Today, I weigh 296. That’s a change of +1.4 lbs.

Last week my total inches were 211.
Arms: 33.25
Legs: 54
Waist: 53.5
Hips: 49.5
Neck: 17.75

Total: 208, for a change of -3 inches.

Overall changes: From 309.8 down to 296 (-12 lbs). From 218 inches down to 208 (-10 in.).

What in the world?

A week like this shows exactly why I have always been frustrated “going on diets”. When I got off the scale, I realized that I have a few days of waste still to get rid of (I was 292 on Friday). I didn’t have just one cheat day, I had about 5 cheat meals over the course of the weekend. That has something to do with it as well. But in the past those things haven’t mattered – I would have told myself I worked hard and ended up gaining anyway. I would have said the diet doesn’t work or that I can never go long enough to get anything accomplished.

A week like this also proves why I keep encouraging people to take measurements. I lost a whopping three inches this week! Now, I’m sure there’s a margin of error for where I measure, but over the weeks it should be averaging out. I have consistently been losing at least inches, even if the scale doesn’t move down.

The other surprising thing is that even though before I would have blamed the diet for the scale’s result, today I found myself realizing that I really do like the way I eat while on 4HB. I feel much better, have more energy, and have no acid reflux problems at night. Today was the first time I didn’t just say I could sustain the diet, I actually know I prefer it.

Tracking Changes

I’ve been trying to track my progress better, and that involves modifying the data inputs. The first change in my tracking came last week. If you look at my March Challenge spreadsheet, you’ll see that I’ve been tracking my water consumption. I’ve heard many people say that drinking more water made the difference for them, so I wanted to see how much of a difference it made for me. Normally on a work day I get about 4 liters down, and I think it’s helped a bit (see inches lost).

This week I will be weighing myself every day, mostly for fun. I will try not to let the number get to me, but I am curious. I believe in 4HB Tim talks about a guy who lost weight solely by tracking his weight every day. Being aware of it kept him going. I’ll add comments for each day, just to see if I can notice any trends.

The other thing I’ve decided to do is publicize my progress with videos. Yes, FindingMyFitness now has a youtube channel! I am kind of embarrassed to post the video, but at least my wife is encouraging. I think it looks gross. But that’s part of the motivation, I guess. I definitely look way different than I think I look. I will try to post a video every two weeks. You’ll see the first video at the end of the post.

PAGG Results

This was my first week on PAGG. Yesterday I posted an article breaking apart the PAGG stack. You’ll remember that the green tea extract seems to have the ability to kill off fat cells. I could totally be reading more into the three inches I lost last week, but I’m led to wonder if the drastic change in inches is because of the PAGG stack. I still have 3 weeks’ supply left, so I’ll keep going.

The company that makes the version I use, Pareto Nutrition, published an article yesterday discussing the difference between capsules and tablets. It’s interesting stuff (capsules are better, imo). What I like the most about their stack is it’s only at most two pills and it has the exact dosage that Tim Ferriss talks about in his book.

Actually, I just found out they made some changes to the stack and it’s now even better. You can read their announcement about it for all the gritty details, but my favorite part is that now it’s the WHOLE STACK in one pill (four pills a day – 3 AGG and 1 PAG). In my opinion, it really is the best PAGG stack out there.

And now, the world premier…

If you’re still interested in the video, you can watch it here. If you’re still curious about the PAGG stuff, go check it out. And as always I’d love it of you shared some of your results (even a link to your blog) in the comments!


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  1. Looking good Jason. One question you haven’t posted much about exercise and just diet and food. Just wondering what you are doing for exercise and if you got a kettlebell yet? They are cheap at Walmart http://www.walmart.com/ip/CAP-Barbell-35lb-Cast-Iron-Kettlebell/14894508

    • @Justin: That’s because I’m not doing any exercise yet. Maybe I should. 😛 I made a fake kettlebell with a dumbell and some plates I had, but it’s hard to use, so I don’t much. I will work on that.


    • @Justin: That’s a pretty decent deal. I picked up my kettlebell at Dick’s for $50 and it is 20 pounds. The nice thing there is their return policy. You have 90 days. I’m assuming that before 90 days are up I will need to ramp up the weight, so I can just do a nice exchange at that point.

      @Jason: Great results so far.

  2. I’m new to the program – I started the slow carb this morning (ugh, do NOT cook your beans WITH your eggs 😀 ) – I’m going to go two weeks without the PAGG and then two weeks with the PAGG, I’ll share my data with ya once I have it.

    • Awesome, I look forward to it! If you have a blog you’re putting it on, send me the link.

      Yeah, you need to cook your beans first…and then REHEAT them with your eggs. 🙂


  3. Hey Jason

    How’s it going?

    I lost 60 lbs (230lb to 170lb) with this diet and supplement approach about two years ago. I have stuck with it I’d say 60% (without pagg) of the time since and slowly gained back 15 lbs. I am going back 100% starting today.

    A few tips that helped me the first time.

    1. Cheat days are great but you have to limit them to 24 hours. I found that if I tracked calories with my fitness pal ap that I could “bank” several thousand calories for cheat day by coming in under my 2 pound per week loss goal net caloric intake. To do this I had to exercise. I started with walking and slowly ramped up to intense cross fit stuff. Also, I ate so much on cheat day that I felt sick. This motivated me to crave going back on by the end of the 24 hour cheat and knocked out the mental desire for all of my trigger foods.

    2. To help avoid night time cravings, I planned a good low carb/low cal snack before bed. I know Timothy makes some recs in his book but I use two favorites a) Kroger low carb yogurt – I ate 2 every night. b) Quest protein bars high protein and good fiber (17grams) but low carb.

    3. Bread…come on this is always the root cause of failing low or slow carb. On the east coast Trader Joes sells a 7 or 9 grain sprouted whole weat that is super yummy, high fiber and like only 40 calories with 4 grams carbs. Check it out.

    Those are my best tips. Good luck. I will check back in a few weeks on you and let you know how my most recent efforts are going.

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