4HB Results: I Guess It’s Not Broken

The good news is my scale started moving down again.

Sometimes I’m confused by the numbers. It doesn’t bother me too much today because everything went down, but my legs, for example, haven’t changed in a long time. Sometimes they even seem bigger. Maybe I’m not measuring them correctly. My legs have always looked (to me) more slender than other guys my size, so I’m not worried too much.

My wife told me again that I feel thinner when she hugs me. She’s a very intelligent woman, and I trust her judgment. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We didn’t jog this week like we had planned, partially due to being busy in the evenings, partly to being sick, and partly to laziness. I spent some time in the new FMF garden, so I did get my exercise on (ever try pushing around a heavy tiller?). I’ll be posting about the garden in the future, so keep an eye out. We’re pretty excited about that project.

This week’s results

Last time I reported it, my weight was 291.6.
Today, I weigh 291. That’s a change of -.6 lbs.

Last week my total inches were 209.25.
Arms: 32.25
Legs: 56
Waist: 53.25
Hips: 48
Neck: 17.375

Total: 206.875, for a change of -2.375 inches.

Overall changes since Dec 22, 2010: From 309.8 down to 291 (-18.8 lbs). From 218 inches down to 206.875 (-11.125 in.).

Next week

To be honest, this past week was very ho-hum as far as my fitness goes. I’ve realized that I can actually control my eating and I no longer feel like food has power over me, generally speaking. That’s a new feeling, and I’m excited about it. I don’t have to fear the doughnut!

I think I might tweet my workouts this next week, sort of like how I tweeted my food for a couple weeks. I want to turn exercise into a habit as well.

Have a Good Friday!

This being Good Friday, I’m personally spending it contemplating the sacrifice Jesus made for us so many years ago. My prayer for each of my readers is that you experience the love that He has for each one of you through me, your friends, and your family. And also lots of chocolate bunnies and jellybeans. Yes, I asked my mom for an Easter Basket. My wife’s never had one!


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  1. You didn’t start the exercises yet?

    My tip of the day for you. Don’t sit on the couch when watching american idol (or any TV). Kill 2 birds with one stone … Sit on the floor and stretch, myotatic crunches, push ups (from knees), body weight squats, jumping jacks, shadow box, or BURPEES! LOL

    • No, I didn’t…I suck for that. However, you have inspired me to do some this afternoon. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s what Kathy and I will do while we catch up on Smallville (well, she will watch me…)

      Please continue keeping me honest, Justin…


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