4HB Results: I Think My Scale Is Broken

Maybe my scale is broken. It keeps returning to 291.6. I was as high as 296 for my cheat day, but this morning I’m at 291.6 again. I also think it likes even increments because I hardly ever see a “.5”. Good thing I use a tape measure too (although I’m not so happy with that item either…).

Yogging by digitalpimpAnyway, yesterday I talked about assessing your progress and making plans for Quarter 3. I think that’s a good idea for me since I haven’t had much movement in a month and a half. I think I need to go back to some more basics, not just in the food (p.s., I’m still basic with food and loving it).

I’m sure that I’m not eating too many calories in a day. While I was counting calories, I realized they were steadily coming in about 100-200 less than what MyFitnessPal said I should have been eating. Granted, they don’t take 4HB into consideration, but in strictly “calories in-calories out” speaking, I should have been OK. Maybe I’ll try to eat more to see how that affects me for a few days.

Kathy and I have begun jogging in the evenings. We’re following a popular “Couch to 5K” plan I’ve seen around the interwebs. I’ll tell you what…if you want to know what kinds of muscles you use jogging, don’t do it for a long time and then start. It’s not just your legs. I’m starting to think jogging/running is a much better activity than I had previously thought.

This week’s results

Last time I reported it, my weight was 291.6.
Today, I weigh 291.6. That’s a change of 0 lbs.

Last week my total inches were 209.75.
Arms: 32.5
Legs: 56
Waist: 53.25
Hips: 50
Neck: 17.5

Total: 209.25, for a change of -.5 inches.

Overall changes since Dec 22, 2010: From 309.8 down to 291.6 (-18.2 lbs). From 218 inches down to 209.25 (-8.75 in.).

Plans for next week

Kathy and I will continue jogging. I’m actually excited (at the moment) to be jogging. I really want to do fairly well at the Mud Run 5K in May. The two fellows I’m running with are both skinny and will no doubt leave me in their dust (the mud is at the end of the course). I want to finish it in 40 minutes, which is a bit less than half of my fastest 10K time. Also, Justin from My Four Hour Body sent me a body-weight workout schedule that I will try and report on.

I think the bottom line for me is that my body has gotten used to the way of eating, so now I need to shake things up and get it moving in different ways.

PS: If you’re a new 4HB blogger or tweeter, send me your link. I’m going to be including 4HB blogs in my weekly roundups and I want to expand the little community we’re forming here so we can continue helping each other.


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  1. Hey, Jason. I’ve only been doing 4HB since Monday, but I’m already down an amazing 10.2 lbs. I really didn’t expect it to work this well and this fast! I’m posting daily updates on my Tumblr.

    • Scott, welcome over! And welcome to the program! Yeah, it’s amazing the weight you can lose the first week. Don’t be discouraged if it slows down considerably. Your body is experiencing some awesome changes right now, so ride that wave and take the motivation! I’ll be sure to check out your blog.


      • I totally expect a MUCH slower rate of loss after this initial week. And that’s okay. It took me 17 years to get this overweight, so if it takes another year for me to lose the 50+ lbs, I won’t be disappointed.

        But, yeah, it’s awesome motivation to see the numbers drop so quickly these first few days. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Your doing it … YAY!
    Tabata/CrossFIT/HIIT is proven to help increase your VO2 Max and anaerobic capacity (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8897392), so after 2 weeks of it doing it I know you will be jogging way faster. I took my 1KM pace from 6min to 5min in a week.

    Did you look into POSE running at all, don’t think I mentioned that to you yet, it is in the 4HB too. Here is a good video for it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3Nt4WgQed8. Running properly has been a huge help for me too.

    Another thing that I was thinking of … if you make the focus of your goals more athletic and less weight loss, then weight loss will just be a nice side affect ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially since you eat so well.

    • Justin, so I’m trying to interpret your comment and the abstract I read. Are you saying that doing the workout you sent will get me running faster? That’s how I’m interpreting what you said. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hadn’t looked into pose running until I clicked that link, but I’m happy to know that I already don’t heel strike when I run. And in last night’s run I was paying special attention to hitting the middle of the ball of my foot. It felt SO much better just from that alone (I pronate badly). I think I would get exhausted pulling my heels like that (I think my “run” is actually more a controlled stumble), but I will give it a shot for a few weeks to see what happens.

      And I think you’re right about the focus of my goals. It’s hard to focus on losing weight because I can’t measure that accurately from time to time yet. But I can measure “I’m going to run 3 times this week for a total of 1:30 and 6 miles.” That’s easily measured to know that I did 6 miles as I go along. I have started thinking that way too. Now that my food is basically under control (I can’t believe I can say that) I can spend more time thinking about exercises.

      A side effect of this whole experience with 4HB and FMF is that I’m learning a lot and actually loving the journey. I’ve never loved the journey of weight loss before. That’s why I know this time I’m actually going to make it.


      • Hey Jason – If you have aspirations for continuing on to runs longer than 5K, check out the Galloway Method for running. At the moment, I no longer do more than 30 minutes at a time as I try to do shorter runs with a bit more intensity, but I’ve found Galloway’s method it’s the most “painless” way to go long distance or increase in distance.

        • Laura, I DO want to run more! My end goal this year is a half-marathon in November. I will definitely check out that method. Thank you!


  3. Hey Jason! Came across your blog from your guest post on “Get Fit Slowly”. Great stuff! I like being weird when it comes to taking care of myself, which leads me to my question. I saw 4HB on Amazon a few months ago and it seemed interesting. In the interest of not wanting to be taken in by the next “fad diet,” how are you liking the program? I’ve tried a ton of programs, diets, and pills like I’m sure you have as well. I’ve never known what it was like to be at a healthy weight. However, I’m determined like hell to do it this time, for the last time, as well.

    Good Luck on your journey!! I’ll be watching and praying for ya. =)

    • Thanks for coming, Nikki! I am going to email you later today, but there are a few posts here you’ll find that give the skinny on it. The short answer is I like it a lot. My email will be more detailed. ๐Ÿ™‚


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