4HB Results: March Challenge Week 3

You may have noticed I didn’t post my results on Tuesday like usual. I did that on purpose. I noticed that on Tuesdays I still have had a bit of the weekend bloat. By Thursdays that usually tapered off. I think Thursdays more accurately reflect the progress I’ve been tracking. That makes today even more difficult.

I think I’m falling into the same patterns as before. What used to take me 2 weeks has lasted almost 3 months, though. I’m happy about that. However, I need to just be honest out here: finding my fitness is hard work.

Lots of people might look for a fast and easy way. I admit, when I first read Tim Ferriss’ claims that you could lose 20lbs of fat in 30 days I was excited. I’ve seen ridiculous results from lots of people who have been able to. I have not been able to. Many people have not been able to. But that’s OK. Out of over a thousand people on the 4-HBtalk forums, I’ve only seen one or two actually not have good results. Everyone’s making some kind of progress, and that’s very encouraging to see.

The Good

Last week I said I was going to do some things differently. I weighed myself every day, and I think that was helpful to determine the pace at which my body recovers from eating crap. I’m going to keep doing that to see if I can get it down to just a day or two.

I also started doing kettle bell swings, glute raises, and flying dogs. I’ll be talking more about those in an article next week. If you haven’t read the book, essentially they’re the three most basic exercises Ferriss recommends for his fat loss clients. I feel slightly firmer in my arms and shoulders, but I don’t think you’d ever see the difference.

The Bad

In my defense, my birthday was last week. 😉 However, that shouldn’t be an excuse.

The problem I’m having the most at the moment is that I can’t stop cheating on the small things. A piece of chocolate here, a few jellybeans there, some toast when I get home and I’m hungry. Individually they might not be much, but trust me – they add up. I could have done worse. I did lose some weight during the week, but it would have been much better if I hadn’t snacked like that.

I’ve made some efforts to curb this sort of thing. I’ve asked my coworker to move his candy bowl so I couldn’t reach it. I decided not to contribute to the cube-de-sac’s candy stash myself. I also picked up some peanut butter, hummus, and lunchmeat to snack on should the craving arrive. Speaking of peanut butter, here’s a tip: if you find yourself getting hungry around 10 or 3, eat a tablespoon of peanut butter and wash it down with some water. You’ll be good until your next meal.

My other problem is probably the bigger one: my rest days are too long. I stretch out the relaxed eating over two days. I don’t go crazy on any one day, but I have extra starches too often. I’m going to try very hard to be very good this week so that next week the results are better.

The Results

Last time I reported it, my weight was 296.
Today, I weigh 295.2. That’s a change of -.8 lbs.

Last week my total inches were 208.
Arms: 33.75
Legs: 54
Waist: 53.75
Hips: 49.5
Neck: 17.25

Total: 210.25, for a change of +2.25 inches.

Overall changes since Dec 22, 2010: From 309.8 down to 295.2 (-14.6 lbs). From 218 inches down to 210.25 (-7.75 in.).

You can hold me accountable by following my progress on my March Challenge spreadsheet.

PAGG – $15 Discount

I’ve got one final note for you today. If you’re on the fence about getting some PAGG, maybe this will help. I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks, and I really do think it has some merit. If you need a refresher, check out my PAGG basics post.

The fine folks over at Pareto Nutrition have given me a discount code to use that will save $15 off your purchase. To get their brand new version of PAGG at a $15 discount, use the code GOODFRIEND when you check out. But hurry, because this offer expires April 4, 2011! Visit Pareto Nutrition’s website to find out more.

As always, thank you again for reading and keeping up with me. You still are the reason I do this publicly.


How about you? How is your progress? What challenges or victories have you had recently in your journey? Please let me know; I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I’m wondering if you’re eating enough? I think I was only able to manage staying away from the snacks (remember I started the week before Christmas – tons of goodies at the school!) was because I was eating a fairly large breakfast and it was keeping me full.

    I can remember a few days in noticing that I wasn’t even hungry for lunch, but would eat it anyway.

    Also, for me, in the past once I’ve fallen off the bandwagon of a “diet” I always had trouble getting back on track – I think for you it’s going to take a lot of willpower for at least a week – and probably making sure you’re eating enough to keep you very full.

    Good Luck Jay!

  2. Hi Jason,
    I infer from your last post that you are feeling disheartened and/or frustrated these days – perhaps as much with your ability to maintain the 4HB plan as with the less than hoped-for results. I would like to offer my encouragement, as your exploits here and 4hb-talk have been a help to others. To this end I invite you to contact me via email to engage in a dynamic “conversation.”

    I cannot pretend to say I am so smart that I know what your problem is so just do whatever. I can claim to have some expertise at systems analysis: diagnosing roadblocks, then isolating and addressing root causes. Perhaps together we can come up with some deceptively simple changes to improve your outlook and performance. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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