4HB Results: Week Two

Before I get to my results, I wanted to tell you about another 4HB blog I’m following (maybe I’ll make this a weekly feature…hmmm). Brian over at Flash Diet Site posts pics and details of everything he eats (the point of the “flash” part – think camera flash). It’s interesting to see everything he’s eating, and I’m secretly using him for ideas to make my meals more exciting. Go pay him a visit!

The Results Are In

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect before getting on the scale. I was a little nervous about it, so I kept my expectations low. Turned out to be a good thing, because I didn’t see what I thought I should. I was only slightly relieved when I took measurements.

Weight: 306.0 (week +2.2, net -3.8)
Total inches: 198.5 (net -1.125)

The only days I didn’t stick to the plan was when I “decided” to start the cheat day Friday night, and I would end on Saturday night. Well, I didn’t end before dinner on Saturday, so that was a day and a meal of cheat. Then I cheated on Sunday dinner. I suppose it’s not unreasonable to have a gain for one reason or another. But the inches are moving down, and I did help my parents move (ie, heavy lifting), so maybe I built some muscle too.

Extra success I’ve recently realized: I’ve never before lost weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas. First time for everything…

Moving Forward

This week I’m going to add some exercise. I didn’t want to before because I wanted to see some strictly fat loss, to see how well the protocol works just by changing my diet (and not eating small amounts of food). As I’ve seen for myself, it works. Now I want to see how adding exercise affects things.

How are things going for *you* on your lifestyle changes?


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  1. It’s going to be very interesting to see what kind of changes the added exercise will bring. The diet itself is supposed to up the chances that the food becomes fuel and muscle instead of stored for future use, so there is a possibility that you did indeed add some muscle just from the gravity resistance you have when you go about your usual business.

    I’m just about to step off the edge and plunge into my own 4hb project. I have similar fat loss needs. I’ve added you to my blogroll and I look forward to following along with your progress.

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