Running My Butt Off – Literally

San Diego Mudrun
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nick Chill Photography

Later today I’ll be doing my first race of the year. I’d hardly call what I do “racing”, but I guess in a way I race against myself. This weekend is a big sort of extreme sports expo in Richmond, and it kicks off with what they call the “Filthy 5K Mud Run”. It’s a 5K cross-country jog, ending in a mud pit. It’s my first 5K, and my first mud pit. It should be fun (and I’m using it as an excuse to get new shoes – I’ll have to throw my current pair away after this).

I need to move around more

One of the ways I plan to reach my goals is to hit the pavement and quite literally run my butt off. Yeah, my wife likes my badonkadonk, but it could stand to be significantly smaller and firmer.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to move around more. Because I spend most of my day behind a desk, my lifestyle isn’t automatically active. When I was a teacher in Paraguay, the weight just fell off because I was on my feet all day. It doesn’t fall off when you’re on your butt.

So I’ve decided to incorporate running into my life to add some “moving around”-ness. At this point, when I say “running” I actually mean “slow jogging and walking”, but that will change one day.

It’s also important to realize that this isn’t exercise as Tim Ferriss talks about in 4HB. This is the “physical recreation” he says not to confuse with exercise. We all need some; this is what I’m picking for mine at the moment.

Running sucks – for now

I’m fat. Moving around in a way that involves effort sucks for the moment. It gets better, but for now it physically sucks. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop.

I am not a runner, but I think I would like to be. I realize the tremendous benefits of running, and I would love to love running. While I’m out there jogging, I really enjoy it.

Not many people ever like to start workouts. But once I’m in the middle of one, I am glad I did it. I feel productive, I feel like I’m really going to do it. Running might change my life, and I am eagerly anticipating that.

Action steps: how to stick with it

My biggest problem with new things is not doing them for very long. I’ve got a plan to stick with running. This year I plan to get more races in. Ed did a bunch of races, and he lost a ton of weight. Preparing for these would keep me active especially because of what I want to accomplish in November.

May 13 Filthy 5K Mud Run
May 21 Anthem Stride Through Time 10k
May 28 Autism Society Central Virginia 5K Run/Walk for Autism
June 9 Connects Federal Credit Union Corporate 4 Miler (Innsbrook)

This is the big-daddy event that I want to prepare for this year.
November 12 McDonalds Half Marathon (ironic, isn’t it?)

Just thinking about running 13.1 miles makes me want to cry.

Get your run on too!

These are just another tool in the box to help me find my fitness. I really would recommend starting to “race” in your community. There are likely at least 3 a month near you during the summer, and they’re almost always to benefit some charitable organization. They are really fun to do, with so many people cheering you on throughout the course, and you feel a sense of accomplishment when it’s over. Sometimes you’ll even get a medal!

If you’re local, let’s do these together! I might need you to remind me once in a while in case I start getting lazy!

Do you do any races like this, either foot or biking? How has it helped you reach your own fitness goals?


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  1. I found out there is a warrior run close to me this summer. Definitely going to do that

    • That looks like a whole lot of fun! We have one similar up in the “mountains” over this way, but I’m not doing that one. Maybe next year. I understand it involves fire and electricity too. 🙂


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