Slow-Carb Diet Tips: Make Shopping Easier

Photo of The Home Market from 1947I’ve had a lot of questions from folks just starting out on the slow-carb diet as it’s found in Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Body. Even though there are only 5 “rules”, it doesn’t seem enough to get someone ready to start.

I get it; I like to have a full plan too. So over the next few weeks I’m going to put together a series of posts that are designed to get you going immediately on your slow-carb diet.

In this first post, I want to share with you how to shop for groceries more efficiently and less temptationally.

How to shop better

There are two entries to the grocery store we normally shop at. One of them opens up to the fruits and vegetables. The other opens up to the pastries. So I understand what it’s like to be tempted when I go to the store.

Fortunately, most grocery stores (at least the ones I’ve been in) are laid out fairly similarly. Think about your favorite one right now. See it in your mind, and I bet you’ll be able to know where to go.

There are three departments and one aisle that mean anything to a slow-carber:

  • The produce section
  • The meat cases
  • The frozen vegetable freezer
  • The aisle with dried beans

Those are really the only places you need to go. You can make exceptions for canned vegetables, beans, and things like tuna and nut butters.

Twice the benefits

Here’s the beauty of it: by sticking only to these necessary sections, you’re avoiding the processed crap in the rest of the store. It doesn’t usually talk to you if you don’t see it.

The only section you might have to contend with is the bakery. If you know it going in, you can be mentally prepared for it. Alternatively, you can wait until the day before your “free day” and buy whatever tickles your fancy.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make your shopping list
  2. Know your store’s layout
  3. Start with fresh, end with frozen

If you do that, you can’t lose anything but excess fat.

I’ve got a surprise for you

Another thing I hear about a lot (and if traffic to the site is any indication) is how a meal plan would really help you out. By the end of this post series, you’ll have everything you need to make yourself a killer slow-carb meal plan.

If you’re not the kind of person that likes to do the planning, then you’re in luck. A third purpose for this post series is to prepare for the launch of my new Slow-Carb Meal Planner service. I’ll tell you more about it later, but I wanted to mention it now so you’re not surprised when it comes. But if the idea of a meal planning service sounds appealing to you, then stay tuned!

So tell me – what are your grocery shopping tips to help stay on your plan?

photo credit: Don O’Brien

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  1. Sticking to the plan is definitely the key! Mike Tyson’s wise words, “Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face.”

    Have a prewritten list when you leave the house and make sure you’re not hungry when you go to the store. Otherwise your cognitive budget and will power will be drained on fighting those urges.

    (Check out this article on cognitive budgeting, it’s something I’ve recently discovered and am totally buying into –

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