I Will Show You How To Be A Slow-Carb Master Chef

Kitchen Trouble
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Update: Here are the posts that came out of this challenge!
Mystery Meal 1: Feijoada, Greens, and Eggs
Mystery Meal 2: Turkey Meatball Curry and Daal
Mystery Meal 3: Disaster Strikes, But You Get A Marinade

Kathy and I love to watch Master Chef. She always says I should be on it because I like inventing meals. I get jealous that I can’t be on it. Then I remind myself that I’d cry like a girl if they yelled at me that way and I am content.

That doesn’t mean I can’t pretend I’m on the show though!

I’m going to make the meals you didn’t know you could, and then I’m going to show you how!

I thought it would be fun to have sort of my own Master Chef challenge, and I need your help!

Many of you come here for food ideas, and some of you still think slow-carb is a boring diet. I still maintain that it’s not!

You are going to challenge me, and I am going to give you recipes, and we will be astounded.

The Slow-Carb Mystery Box

On Master Chef, the mystery box is full of unknown ingredients. The contestants stand by their stations and all find out at once what’s in the box. Then they have to create three dishes in under an hour.

In my version, you have the control over what goes in the mystery box, and I just have to deal with it!

For the next five days, the window is open to add random ingredients to my mystery box. Next week’s food post will be the results of the challenge. Please use the comments below to add an ingredient or two. The only rule is that they be slow-carb friendly.

I promise I won’t look at any other recipes. I’ll only use the ingredients you list (I may add spices if I think there isn’t enough there). I may not use all of the ingredients, but I won’t use any that you don’t give me.

Make it creative! Give me your best! In the end – if I’m successful – you’ll get three great recipes to add to your slow-carb rotation.

Just add a couple interesting ingredients in the comments below, and we’ll see what kind of mouth-watering meal I can uncover.


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  1. What a fun idea. I’m gonna have to think about this one.

  2. eggplant immediately comes to mind

  3. This sounds like fun. Kale came to my mind as an ingredient.

  4. Oooh…good suggestions so far!

    Anyone have a protein?

  5. lentil

  6. Mustard greens and eggs!

  7. I love your idea! You don’t have many ingredients to go on so far, so let me add…

    ground turkey (I so want to like it, but I’m disappointed every time I use it)
    onions of any sort – green, red, Vadalia
    black beans – my favorite legume
    and how about your choice of “in season” herbs? Right now in my garden you’d find tarragon, chives, dill, basil, marjoram, spearmint, but feel free to use whatever is available where you live.

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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