So What’s It Like On Whole30?

At the beginning of September, my wife and I started Whole 30. We did it primarily so we could see if diet would help all sorts of issues, like I was beginning to believe.

After two solid weeks, I have indeed noticed some changes.

We are leaner

I’ve got a long way to go to become what most people would consider lean, and you can hardly tell a difference. But I can see a vague one in the mirror. I also noticed my calves are more defined, which leads me to believe there may be some fat gone from there.

My wife, who is quite lean to begin with, also looks leaner to me. Not sickly, but lean (there’s a difference). Just the other day I noticed that her arms look a little more jacked than usual. I should get her a kettlebell to get even more jacked!

We eat better

While I was eating slow-carbly, I longed for cheat day. It’s pretty much all I talked about during the week. I could hardly wait for the weekend so I could cheat and cheat bad!

Since starting Whole30 I haven’t once wanted a cheat day. It just doesn’t cross my mind. I don’t fight with temptation during the week either. Sure, I occasionally see a commercial that gets my motor running, but once I get distracted I pretty much forget about it.

We’ve got a plan for some stuff we want to eat when we finish September, but perhaps the most striking difference for me is the lack of a longing for a cheat day.

Do we feel better?

Because of generally eating a consistent slow-carb diet I don’t think I saw as dramatic a change in other areas as I would have if I were coming into this from my old lifestyle. I already had marked improvement in sleep quality and daily energy. My reflux had already disappeared. I felt generally healthier already.

My most noticeable change: my wife says I don’t burp as much. 🙂 After eating I’m not nearly as gassy. I wouldn’t say I had problems with legumes; in fact, I’d say I didn’t notice any problems with legumes. But I can say I am noticeably less burpy without them.

We haven’t specifically talked about it, but my wife seems generally happier. She’s eating more, which I like to see, yet she is looking leaner.

We both had some initial stuff to get through. I developed a pretty solid inflamed set of tonsils that didn’t necessarily hurt but weren’t pleasant. Now I’m getting over a weird back ache that I’ve had for a week as well as a pretty good bout of poison ivy.

Kathy got a really solid migraine last week – bad enough to make her pass out. Not sure if there are food demons that are trying to keep our morale down or if it was just an odd coincidence that when we made changed to feel better we actually felt worse for a spell.

So should you switch?

I won’t give a definite position on that yet, but I can say a very solid “maybe.” If you’re having trouble leaning out, cut back on or eliminate the legumes for a bit. I actually think the legumes made me want cheat days more, but I’ll confirm that in October. Between the two (extra carbs and cheat days) I think I was hitting a plateau that needed busting.

In 2 weeks I’ll report on weight lost, body fat, and measurements. But for now I’ll say it’s a pretty fun experiment.


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