Portobello Mushrooms w/ Lemon Pepper Chicken, Beans, Spinach & Peppers

Check out this great recipe incorporating delicious slow-carb foods like portobello mushrooms, chicken, spinach, and beans.

The Perfect Minimalist Kitchen: How To Have A Professional Quality Kitchen On An Amateur Budget

In the wake of The 4 Hour Chef, I’ve decided to share the tools that make up my own kitchen. I have what you could call a Pareto kitchen. Here are my recommendations for the perfect minimalist kitchen.

The 4 Hour Chef Trailer – The Book is Almost Here!

I found this preview video for The 4 Hour Chef. It’s getting me pumped up for the release of the book!

How To Make White Bean Mash

This is how I make a bean mash to go a long with many of my 4 hour body meals.

28 Days of Slow-Carb Meal Plans Just For You

How do you normally manage your meals? Do you just wing it all the time, or do you actually sit down and plan your meals?
It’s no secret that planning your slow-carb meals is going to go much further in helping you actually stick to them than just flying by the seat of your pants. So in an effort to help you come up with some appropriate meal ideas, I’ve gone through different recipes I’ve used and plans I’ve created for myself to give you a guide.