The 4 Hour Chef Trailer – The Book is Almost Here!

I found this preview video for The 4 Hour Chef. It’s getting me pumped up for the release of the book!

Cuerpo Perfecto en 4 Horas (4 Hour Body is now in Spanish!)

Just a super quick post for you today. There are two book-related news bits I need to pass along. 4HB En Español! If you’ve ever wished you could get a copy of the 4 Hour Body in Spanish, you finally can. Amazon now has paperback versions of Cuerpo Perfecto en 4 Horas for sale. Hopefully […]

May Challenge Is Over: Did You Win?

Just a quick post today. I’m working on a bigger one, which will be my last one for a while, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Reminder: If you participated in the May challenge, you’ve got until Tuesday to post your results to the forum. If you can’t remember how to get there, please send me a quick email and I’ll help you out. Next Wednesday (the 6th) I’ll announce the winner!

3 Great Prizes and the E-Book Winners!

If you still want to look good for the summer, it’s not too late to join the Finding My Fitness May challenge! Even if you don’t want to look good, you still may want a prize.

We’ve already got some signups for the list (that’s how I’m keeping track of everyone who is doing the challenge with us), so if you still want to join up, you can.

Here are the cool prizes you can get if you win the challenge:

Heat It Up: How to Look Great For The Summer!

The summer’s right around the corner, and that can only mean one thing:

You’re freaking out about putting on your bathing suit!

Ok, hopefully you’re one of the lucky ones that doesn’t have to worry about it, but the rest of us do. I’ve got a fantastic resource that will help you get in shape quickly!