How Tim Ferriss Raised $32,000 And Then I Lost 14 Pounds and Won $80

Wouldn’t it be awesome for one of the most famous (infamous?) authors of our day to raise thousands of dollars in order to encourage you to lose weight?

He did, and I did. 14 pounds, actually. Maybe you did too, but if you didn’t, you missed out (but more on fixing that later). I won $80 on it! Read more to find out how I did it and how you can too (except for maybe the $80)!

The Secret Weapon to Quick Holiday Fat Loss

Are you upset with yourself for having gained weight over the holidays? Maybe you’re not upset, but you definitely think it’s time to get things back under control.

Fun was had, and now you have to undo what’s been done.

I’ve got a secret weapon to share with you on getting rid of that weight quickly.

Intersections: Lenten Edition

Today is the first Friday of the season of Lent, so I dedicate this roundup to the season.