Organic Eating Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive, Here’s How!

This is a guest post from Romayne Warner. As more and more of the food industry’s nefarious practices are exposed in the harsh light of day, concerned consumers are turning to organic produce. A surging demand for organic produce accompanied by a limited supply has driven up prices, and organic eating is now often viewed […]

How To Prevent Terrible Diseases By Eating

The old saying “you are what you eat” is actually frighteningly true.

Luckily for us now more than ever we have access to tons of research and information regarding the food we eat and its effect health. While some people may associate unhealthy eating habits with only weight gain, it can actually have an even worse affect than that.

Grow Your Own For Fun And Profit

Spring is quickly making way for summer at the FMF Hacienda (I just now decided that my house is a hacienda). This year we’re doing something a little different.

I’d like to present you with the FMF Garden Project!

Standing on the backs of giants

I’m not the first one to blog about a garden project. Doing the garden was all my idea. Blogging about the garden was seeded (hey, a pun!) by JD and Kris’ garden project at Get Rich Slowly.

GRS blogged about it in terms of showing the financial benefits of gardening for yourself. Makes sense. For the most part you can buy seeds once and then just gather seeds from your crops for the next year. Some people ask about counting the hours of labor, but Kris had said that she doesn’t consider that a cost because it’s a hobby.

I think the FMF garden is a perfect feature addition to the blog. I talk a lot about Real Food, and to eat freshly and real can get pricey (I mean really…$2.69 for ONE red pepper?!). Growing our own vegetables will give us the delicious freshness we look for, and it’ll be literally at our fingertips.